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Many Kids went back to school today in the USA seeking to become the 5 out the 100 that makes it to the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE by the time they retire at the age of 63-67 years.
In these indoctrination camps, our kids are going to be kept in training for the industrial world, they will train them to become better taxpayers, better patriots, better soldiers and submissive to the many laws that rule their parents. The bell will ring when is time to start; it will ring again when is time for recess or break, and once again to let them know that is time to go home so they keep working out their minds with crazy and unnecessary “HOMEWORK” for the simple purpose of keeping them thinking about school 24/7, they will have time for MOM AND DADDY on the WEEKEND when mom and daddy finally have time for them.

Life for mom and daddy is about the same as for their children; they will wake up early to be at work before the bell rings, they will wait for the lunch break bell ring to eat and will eat their own frustrations until the bell indicates them that it’s time to go home. This is the life pattern in the system of the industrialized world.
Once at home they will answer a few phone calls (work-related), they will study the way to become better at work to earn that raise that will solve some of the money shortages in their household and will stay up at night thinking how to save money for their children’s college education, they love them so much that they want them to reach the mythical success that only the lucky five percent achieves.

  • How do you feel about breaking this pattern?
  • How about finding another rout to the so called SUCCESS?
  • How about you invest in your child’s future rather than helping them to buy it?
  • How about YOU as parents use your intellect to save your child’s creativity?

    Back in the 1900, the rich and powerful people who knew about the technology of the recently invented motor vehicle started to put their money into this technology while they kept telling the rest of the people to keep buying horses.

I am not trying to sell you anything. Do your own research about BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND CRYPTOCURRENCY and STOP BUYING THE HORSES, these two technologies might just be the future that you’re helping your children to achieve with the so called EDUCATION.

Buy it for them NOW! and save them from the industrialized world and its unfair system You are presenting them as an offering to this giant beast without noticing it.

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The first thing I'd say is this, average life expectancy is itself a lie, not that we dont live on average till 77 or whatever, but rather the seldom considered fact that an average is an average because some die before and others after that..

We live like we are promised 77 yrs. We are not.

We are not promised even today.

If we all lived like today was a gift that we did not earn and do not deserve we would be more grateful, and live life more fully, I think.

Tell someone you love, how you feel today. Set aside the rat race for money and power a like bit, today.


Ok bro. Take it easy 👊😊
AVERAGE considers the life of a new born to the one that dies at 120. A V E R A G E! 👊😁

Interesting post. A new world opens up and you have to be prepared. Le sigo.



Hi @melip



excelente articulo @melip


Muchísimas gracias amiga. Ojalá y despierte un poco la conciencia de los padres 😊

great contain; @melip


Thank you friend. 😊

Interesting perspective @melip, I share with you some aspects, although in others I do not completely agree. Something that worries me a lot, is that children are currently spending a lot of time in school, because their parents have to work all day and can not attend them. Children leave their regular classes, direct to enter extracurricular classes, spending practically all day without having contact with their parents, I think there should be a balance. In my particular case, I am lucky not to have a slave job, I have time to raise my daughters, watch them grow and share with them important moments of their lives. Excellent post and thanks for sharing.


That should be the case for every parent. Education shouldn’t depend on the government timing but on the parents timing.

buen tema amiga, aquí en mi país es triste que cantidad de niños han dejado de ir a la escuela debido al alto costo, cada vez es peor


Parece que no leyó el artículo. Yo considero que la escuela es una OFRENDA DE NUESTRA NIÑEZ al sistema industrializado en el que vivimos.
El sistema requiere el sacrificio de nuestros niños para que siga sobreviviendo y nosotros como padres tenemos que hacer algo para romper este sacrificio y asegurarles un porvenir mejor que el nuestro.

Hola como estas? siempre ofreciendo buena información amiga


Gracias 😊

School and jobs seem like a never ending cycle. And little by little our lives go away. An excellent post dear @melip


Thank you so much 😊

Hola @melip. Excelente contenido. Mi voto.
Mis saludos.


Muchas gracias Blanca 😊

Ok here's a good story for you @melip I know someone that was kicked out of college last year. He spent 3 months in a coding bootcamp. Then got his foot in the door as an intern and then got a full time job at a top 10 market cap crypto company. All in 9 months. When he got re-admitted into college, all the people working with him in the crypto space said "why are you going back to college?"



Muy cierto @melip nos entrenan para ser casi unos robots y no pensar por nosotros mismos casi para depender de ellos o mejor dicho para depender de ellos. Gracias a Dios llegó la tecnología Blockchain para que podamos conseguir mucha más libertad. Este es un tema muy interesante para tratarlo mas profundamente


Me alegra que despierte un poco de conciencia en quien lo lee.
Gracias por tu comentario 😊

Este tema me impactó. Soy docente y ciertamente me siento así. Que vivo al ritmo de la campana. Trabajamos y trabajamos para asegurar un retiro, un retiro que luego ni disfrutamos porque estamos ya enfermos o simplemente no llegamos y convertimos esto en un patrón, lo aprendimos de nuestros padres, nosotros lo enseñamos a nuestros hijos y ellos a nuestros nietos. Dios!! En este momento de crisis n mi país veo todo distinto y ya no quiero vivir al son que marque el timbre. Quiero vivir realmente y a mi ritmo. La educación la considero necesaria pero que mis hijos puedan elegir y tener libertad financiera. NO esclavos de un 15 y un último (de un salario).


Lo peor es que siguen entrenando a los niños a obedecer un patrón formado desde la revolución Francesa; para un mundo industrial, mientras el mundo continúa digitalizandose.
Siguen diciéndonos que compremos más caballos.
Entiendo su frustración profesora.


Yo sé que la labor es importante y muchos hablarán desde la vocación, pero es como encacillar a un sólo estilo de vida, sin dar opciones e incentivar la creatividad. No todos nacemos para lo mismo y lo ideal es dar herramientas acordes a la época que vivimos, desde nuestra realidad y circunstancias. Gracias a ti por entenderme y expresarlo con las palabras correctas.

Greetings. @melip is an interesting topic. To think that we have been "codified" and "reified" by a "system" is to realize that we have spent much of our lives wearing out and cutting down on the creativity of our children and our future. A school based on decentralization would be a very interesting project, a way to face knowledge in an integral way.