I got asked who do I feel like being part of the StackOverflow community

in #community2 years ago

I just finished completing the StackOverflow yearly survey and I got asked a very relevant question for the creation of a strong community. Why do I feel like I am being part of the community there. Here is how I answered:

Ha, I like this section that you have added. I like going on meta from time to time and see what people are thinking and feeling about the changes of the platform. I believe all of them are well intended and they have different visions about how the site should grow, but the point remains the same. It is nice to see all those people from different parts of the world that bring value together to the same place helping the technology advancements and making a huge impact of this entire world (if programming goes well, then all the fields from healthcare to finance, buildings constructions, space research, everything goes better).

When I am looking at those people I think of myself that I am a small man bringing my contribution to this huge world, and it feels nice!

Basically it is being nice to know that you are helping people to create some change in the overall quality of life. This was my small contribution:

No matter what you are doing, when you find enough energy to help others you are shaping this world in a beautiful way. And if you don't have that energy, it is okay too, taking care of yourself and your own needs is something really serious.

If you want to know more about StackOverflow and their survey you can find more information in the article that I've created based on their last year survey and some statics about blockchain also:


Thanks for reading and have an amazing year!