It Snowed Today !

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The winter here in North Carolina has been the weirdest and warmest that I can ever remember. It seems like every year for 10 years or so, we've been saying one season or the other is not like "normal", but finally we realized there was no such thing as normal now. Normal is whatever you get so you might as well learn to like it. ha

I left work an hour early because I have a 40 minute drive home and I wasn't sure if the roads would get bad. Besides today, there was a momentary flurry of snow mixed with rain that lasted about 20 minutes a couple of weeks ago. I know a lot of people have shared beautiful photos of much deeper snow, but I decided to take some photos of the doodads around the yard before it got dark in case this is the only snow we get this year. :) There wasn't nearly as much snow on the ground then as there is now.

art sculpture.jpg

Thought I'd share a few and I'll try to be quiet while you scan through as they don't really need any explanations.

blue bird feeder.jpg


large spinner.jpg


porch rail.jpg


yellow bird feeder.jpg


tulip spinner.jpg






smal circ spinner 2.jpg


smal circ spinner close up.jpg






snowy bush.jpg


glass fiddlehead.jpg


snow heart 2.jpg

There, wasn't that fun? It was fun trekking around it in. So far it is only about two and a half inches. It is still snowing, not as heavy now and is supposed to for the next couple of hours I think. It has been in the 40s and 50s around here the last couple of weeks and 60+ a few days,so the ground isn't that cold and the roads weren't piling up, however, they were slushy wet and it is supposed to dip in the 20s tonight and freeze them over, so I will be delay leaving for work in the morning until the roads unfreeze.

I think I am done now with the exception below of the pasture across the street.

It's almost the weekend !! I was kind of hoping for 6 or 7 inches so I could just take the day off ! :)

Oh well ! Maybe next time.

Luv ya !




Greetings :)
@tipu curate

Thank you ! :)

Yeah that can start to pile up if it gets the ground cold enough. I know they dont do much for the roads there either. We got the cold, but no snow today!

I can't like it just being messy, it needs to snow deep or not at all. LOL....

Thanks for stopping over. :)

I was thinking of you today as my people in Raleigh-Durham got their fair share! It is just like old man winter to sneak in a mess right when the daffodils are starting to nod their heads.

Le sigh.

I hope the roads are clear! But, wait! Do you get those Fridays off again yet? You know that was the best deal yet! Well, I hope you are tucked in tight tonight and keeping the chills away!

The landscape is gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the view!

Upped and Steemed


We got close to 3 inches, but the ground was warm and so it seems the roads should be good before too long. I am delaying going in a couple of hours just to make sure. I was hoping for 5 or six inches so I could take the day off !

I don't take a lot of time off in the first half of the year, so I can take lots in the fall and at the holidays. But if snow MADE me take a Friday off, that would be ok too. :)

It is more beautiful out there now as the sun is rising and making everything pink, yellow, white and sparkly !

Too bad once I get to work I won't be able to enjoy the beauty of it as it slow disappears.

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