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RE: [ANN] Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit.

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Thank you. I've been learning, as you have, that it doesn't really matter when it comes to these kinds of things to people. I wonder if they lead such strict and unyielding moral lives in the real world as they do here? I guess it's one thing to do things the way you do because you believe them, and there's certainly room to try to influence people to your side, but to go out of your way to hunt down 'offenders' day in and day out because they don't conform to your own sometimes rather arbitrary and narrowed outlook on things? I don't know. Doesn't sit very well. Especially when among those folks are the worst offenders of the so called violation.


Well said Glen! I always think that it must be very difficult living inside that kind of person.

Oh, it probably is, and most of us are glad we're not and will probably try somehow to feel sorry for them or justify their actions. And while I believe a person can change, and I also believe in turning the other cheek, I also believe that we are responsible and accountable for own actions and outside of some kind of mental heath issue, we can control our behavior. So, tortured soul or not, there are still choices being made. There's benefit of the doubt, and then there's blind faith, and I don't think the latter is required.

Again, I agree.

we can control our behavior.

even though a large percentage of the population has a terrible case of excusitis :)

(yes, I know, but it should be a word:)

Don't look now, but apparently excusitis was submitted to Collins Online English Dictionary back in 2012:

A mediocre person who is suffering from the sickness of a mental disease of MAKING EXCUSES every time that aren't made by the successful person.

As of today, it's approval is still under investigation. I guess it was previously used in a book called The Magic of Thinking Big, a self-help, motivational book by David Schwartz.

There, once again you know more about something than you ever wanted or needed to know. :)

Yeah Grumpy Cat is just a bully who found a platform that by having enough stake he/she/it can push around people and place them hostage to his narrow ideals and he/she/it has the fall to comment and say rubbing it in with a higher uovote on the shitty comment.

I think they have to be more than just a bully. They have to be someone fairly familiar with the platform. It was also a very specific request. No last minute voting for bots, in fact 3.5 days no more. Comply or else. So, while obviously a bully, the person needed to not only know the ends and outs of voting, but also needed to know the fastest way to get a surrogate count up and running (the one that would upvote its own comments numerous times), and then, of course, they had to have all the coin in order to buy in. If I remember right, the g-cat account was set up in November of last year. So, that wasn't a whole lot of time to suddenly learn the ropes, and I don't think just any investor shows up with a bunch of money, finds something they don't like, throws their weight around and then begins to power down without really having any other concerns on the platform.

said perfectly Glen! if my vp wasn't at 66% you would get a full upvote for that one... Honestly I couldn't agree more!

Well, then, you're off the hook. :)

I didn't ever expect a place that virtually has no rules to have people that try to enforce their own by force. I was hoping for reasoned arguments. And while some of that goes on, there's a lot of might makes right. And some people think that's perfectly fine in a place with no rules. Well, outside of a real stake in STEEM to protect, I don't know that any of the folks would be very happy if what happens here were happening in their country, or state. And some people actually do have that happening, and then they end up here and see it all over again. Even the escape doesn't really constitute an escape.

There are oases thankfully, and you've been helping to create and maintain some of them, but waters are infested will all kinds, and they seem to like to exercise whatever bit of power they think they have.

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