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RE: [ANN] Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit.

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I'm not sure if I was rubberstamping it per se, as much as I was acknowledging that at least you'll be able to focus some energies elsewhere. :) I'm betting you had quite a bit of fun doing it.

You're right, though, we will see whether or the community let's this initiative prevail or not. Since I haven't gotten an answer to where all the dust goes when it's not rewarded, be it burned, null or go back to Steemit, it would be nice to keep it in play. I'm just not sure how this vote bot plays into the whole curation scheme of things, especially on comments that are mainly rewarded for participation rather than content. I do hope, though, that it does what you believe it will do.


Since I haven't gotten an answer to where all the dust goes when it's not rewarded, be it burned, null or go back to Steemit

On that initial post by @sircork, he clarified in the comment section that the unpaid votes went in to the pool, @glenalbrethsen.

Which again upped my mini rant count the evening I read through and responded to post and comments. ;)

lol, which post did I say that on? It's true. I'm 99% sure anyway... but now I don't remember when and where I talked about it. :D


@SirCork, it seems I have you on my mind!!! My HUMBLEST apologies!!!

I should have said @TimCliff's post.

Please forgive? ;)

PS Yes, I've commented on that rule a few enough places that I meant to gather up all of the comments and put in one post.

Still haven't done it yet though. ;)

hah, no need to forgive, I appreciate being thought of! :D

I admit I didn't realize that there was so much more to the post in the comments, but I found where timcliff said it goes back to the rewards pool and I read your two longer replies.

I can't believe it's almost been a month since that post came out! It seemed like a couple of weeks ago.

The rewards pool. Well, interesting. The one thing I guess we can take from this is, as long as all dust votes on a post or comment get to the 2-2.5-3.0 threshold (whatever it truly is, since it seems to be a moving target), the payout to the author occurs. And what this initiative here would hope to do is make all posts and comments with upvotes below the threshold get above it.

I certainly prefer if someone votes on something that their small rewards be counted to the author rather than going back to the rewards pool. I just wish it didn't require someone else coming by and creating a means to make it happen that will basically be supplementation through another amount coming from the rewards pool. I don't know. Better just to watch things as they unfold. As I replied to Dave, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a platform destroyer, and as such, that makes it better than a lot else going on. :)

I can't believe it's almost been a month since that post came out! It seemed like a couple of weeks ago.


It seems a short time, but to tell you the truth, I realize it's about a month simply because my upset has cooled down so much. It affected me for about a week and a half at least.

I certainly prefer if someone votes on something that their small rewards be counted to the author rather than going back to the rewards pool.

Absolutely. We're not upvoting for the value to go to anything or anyone or anywhere else than the author we upvote.

I'm truly hoping our wonderful Witnesses will all vote the silly rounding down rule out of existence, @glenalbrethsen. ;)

Right, @SirCork, @danielsaori, @TimCliff, et al? ;)

That would be interesting to see if they could actually vote it down. I mean, I understand they can make recommendations, but anyway, might be parsing words. What I understand about the dust vote is, if all the dust votes were calculated, it would be an unnecessary computational load on the blockchain. I don't know what that means, as in to what degree. I don't know what's favorable, or what's not. I don't even know if it's an issue.

However, if it is, it's only going to become a bigger issue if the masses do ever show up here. We've got more small fish than ever before, and the amounts will only grow from here if/when HF 20 drops.

So, it would be cool to know just what can be done about the dust vote and whether it will be done. :)

Too late, I already inked the rubber stamp... :P

I understand your point... You don't want to have a full opinion until you have time to see how it works, and what the other points of view are on the subject... That is fair... You are a thinker that I think I have valued your opinion every time, so I hope you will put the thinking cap on and the observation goggles and see how this plays over the next few days and weeks!

If there's anyone here who has earned a rubberstamp, it would be you. :)

As you say, I'm hesitant to pronounce anything one way or another until I see it in action. I have done it a time or two, but only because they rang true. Thankfully, they're still holding true as far as I know.

In the grand scheme of things, though, since we love to talk in degrees here, the relative harm that can be done is small, and the relative good it can do reward-wise to participating individuals, also small, with the boost to morale of those involved still to be determined. :)

I have been meaning to get to this for more than a day... I wanted to say, thank you for that very kind thing you said... And I do agree with you about the grand scheme of things, as I said there is no much I ever disagree with you about! Always reasonable and have your feet on the ground... And haven't had a chance to get to Asher's post, but I did see where you lost the crown... I think you will get it right back, but I do think you have been stellar for so long you should be very proud! I will pay you compliments over there, I think I can make it there in a few min :P

It's okay. It's now 22 hours since you wrote this message and I'm only barely catching up to it. And aside from making my main comment and then responding to replies, I haven't done a whole lot over there, still. And then I have my own feed to catch up with. So, there's always a lot to do and not seemingly enough time to do it in.

I'm not sure how someone even makes 1300-plus comments in a week, but apparently it's possible. So me dropping out of first wasn't as secure as ya'll were trying to make it seem. :) I feel like I've been accomplishing some good things, but of course I'd rather be at the top. I'm working to get back there, and so we'll see what happens. I'm comforted in the fact that even with the amount of comments made, my CL was quite a bit higher, which means if I can get it up again into the 200,000s, I can get back on top, barring another 400 or more comments, or whatever the equivalent would be.

I have no doubt that you will be right there in the hunt.... I think its actually good to break a streak so that you can start a new one... I actually felt a lot less pressure once I lot my crown... But something tells me that you and Lynn will both be there every week in the hunt!

ps... I know exactly what you mean about catching up on the blogs and everything else, I also have my steem price post to get to and I know you have a comment over there too... I hope I get to it tonight... I am definitely going to sleep by midnight... I don't like those mornings after the 3am nights. Have a good one and talk to you again (hopefully soon) :)

FYI, I didn't make it... Going to sleep... Hopefully I get closer to catching up to that post tomorrow! Have a good evening Glen! :)

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