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When I started with Steemit last year I didn't know what to expect. Already at that time I knew that I won't be able to post every day and I also didn't expect many people reading my posts. But somehow it all worked out and now I can say that there is a bunch of people here that I can call my friends. And I hope that I will meet them in real life too. I know that Steem Fest would be a great opportunity to do it but this year it didn't work out for me.

One of many Steemians that I would like to meet is Pauline @livinguktaiwan. A few weeks ago, she started a social experiment and asked me if I would like her to send me a postcard from Taiwan. I didn't hesitate and sent her my address. I love postcards but only receive a couple of them from my in-laws (Birthday, Christmas, Easter). I was very excited and checked the mailbox every day, and it finally arrived last week!

The postcard is from the mountains in Taiwan and as I love nature and mountains in particular, I found it very thoughtful of Pauline. It's so nice when someone thinks about what you like. And I must admit that I didn't know that there were some mountains in Taiwan.

If you haven't joined her experiment yet, you should do it as it is special to receive a postcard in this technology driven world.

Thank you so much Pauline! You made my day!


I have also received a postcard from Jan @jankasparec. I actually received it in summer but haven't mentioned it here yet.

Jan is a very talented artist living in Canada. I love his paintings as they are always so colorful and full of good vibes. Look at this beautiful postcard. I was staring at it for a few minutes and caught myself smiling.

Thank you Jan for this gift!


If you also want to receive a nice postcard from Pauline, just let her know. I am sure that she'll be happy to send it to you 😊

Thank you for reading!



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Sort Order: my opinion that’s where steemit would have to go..the fantastic thing in steemit and may few others is there are personalities behind every account and the combination between on- and offline-life many people just haven’t seen till now..I take this postcard-story as a reminder that there is much more power in the whole project, we just have to concentrate on developing also in the community-thing, the great and essential part of programming and caring for the software and things like this, is in the Hand (i Hope!) of the Great steemit-genii and we have to thank them and of course, doing our part..and a simple postcard could inspire people to connect people also offline..that’s good for steemit to find new members, because for example people around you see this card and a talk about steem(it) could begin..late evening thoughts, many words...anyway, thank you for your post..up..follow you..

Fantastic! You really show the spirit of the Steemit community.

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It's Pauline who does it :)

The pleasure is mine Martina, that people are willing to take part in my social experiment. Thank you!

The card from @jankasparec is beautiful, so mesmerising!

It's a cool thing that you're doing. And I hope that you will get many of them back :)

This is very nice Martina! I'm glad you connected to many people here... including ME :D

Have a wonderful day and Happy Halloween too :)

I'm glad that I connected to YOU too! :)

I have totally missed Halloween as we don't celebrate it here :) Each year I tell myself to make some decoration but as it's so unimportant here I keep forgetting.. maybe next year ;)

What did you do for Halloween?

So fun! I have a piece from @barbara-orenya that came all the way here from France that I cherish! One of the most exciting pieces of mail I have ever received, so I know just how much you enjoyed getting these. :)

Exactly! It's so nice to get something real from 'virtual' people.. it all gets another dimension :)

Amazing! I really love this feeling of friendship.

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Me too :)

What a lovely and sweet gesture! ❤️❤️

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Exactly! It's great when the online world connects with the real one :)

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Now I want to join too )) I love to send postcards from my travels, but last year my postcard from Berlin to my home town in Ukraine traveled 2 hell months! Since that I didn't send one. But I think I can give it a chance ;)

Thank you for inspiration <3

I love a challenge, let's see how long this will take !

2 months? WOW! That's long! I have never sent a postcard to myself but it sounds like a great idea! :)

I hope this time it will be much shorter for you :)

It was Christmas time, high load, but anyway... Oh, and I didn't send it to myself, I said "my hometown", my daughter lives there, and it a greeting card to her birthday (I supposed it will come in time, lol).

Let's see how it will go this time. It will be nice if I will get it at all :D

Very cool. I agree, there are some Steem friends I would like to meet in person, including you!

I would love to meet you too! And now I realize that I probably haven't posted about what you sent me!! I am sorry! But I have the photo in my living room and I gave the seeds to my uncle to plant :)

No problem. Your post is a great reminder that we can make not virtual connections too!


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Totally new on steemit and just read this post and felt like I am ready to take the leap. Im here to make friends and not sure how to go about starting out... the postcards are lovely btw. Im from south africa, anyone want a postcard? Might take 3 months if you're lucky LOL 6 months is standard sometimes it just dissapears. But hey that's not always though. Pretty awesome place nonetheless. Looking forward to your comments, thanks 🙂 Carla (PS struggled so much with the steemit sign up that I ended up blocking all my numbers and had to go with this one 😂)

Gorgeous and that's such a cool gesture Your Majesty!

This blog entry is simple, sweet and reminds me of the comradery that has kept me coming back!

Thank you!