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RE: Charity Upvotes Week 10 - Now open up to reputation 55

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Some of my content is doing really well but I want to know what I can do better for the content that no one is responding to. Am I placing it wrong? Is there no place here for it? Or is it just that bad? Please be honest as I am new and trying to become a better writer.


You may use the tag food. Also try using ocd-resteem, if they like they will discover it. And don't use steemit, I think, that will be considered as abuse.

Analyze which posts in cooking or food category are getting more attention. See the writing style, post coverage. And then improvise based on that ?

I loved that story" my friend maria" is that a real story?I am also a story writer. But I don't get much attention like yours .

yes this is a true story.

thank you I will try these things you suggest.

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