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IMG_20170924_094615.jpgDrawing inspiration from the @teamhumble's crowd sourced video made to commemorate the Christmas celebrations, I and @surfyogi have come with a plan to make a crowd sourced video showcasing African steemians.
A lot of steem whales have been making positive impact in the African continent, notable to mention are @surpassinggoogle, @ackza, @damarth, @stellabelle and @surfyogi. They have sent hundreds of steemit dollars which have been used in combating poverty, purchasing laptops, sponsoring meet-ups and most recently funding a physical headquarters in Ghana.

The essence of this video is to announce to the Steemit Universe that Africans are now aware of the benefits of the decentralized system and we are ready to join the family. Being a part of this family means that the power is in our hands to fight poverty and also express our creativity.

If you want to be a part of history, please do well to click this link.
Choose the line you would love to say by writing you steemit user name under the title STEEMIT HANDLE
Please include your face and use an interesting background, with bright lighting, mp4 HD video 16:9, 1080p (1920x1080) High Definition.

You can watch this video to have an idea of what we hope to achieve.
Watch here

Please send all entries to @chiama on telegram. I cannot wait to watch all the interesting videos you will send.
Sending my love and positive vibes to you.

Click this link to choose a line.

The people of Africa have seen the light!
Not just any light; the Steemit light!
For many years, younger generations of Africans have felt clueless...
Who am I? What will I become?
Because they have been fed the status quo, and have few opportunities
Taught that getting a job and working in an organization will ensure financial freedom.
But few people have actually made this a reality for themselves.
What happens to those who cannot fit into the status quo?
They are met with scorn and are discouraged.
90 percent of jobless graduates have a phone connected to the internet.
But they waste it on social media, trying to impress with fake lives, depressing...
Cryptocurrency has changed the world, because it is a new tool that changes lives
We no longer look to our government or corporations to give us jobs.
We have become entrepreneurs, taking the future into our own hands!
Steemit is more than a new social media website.
It is a place where people can be themselves, a family, and a community.
It is devoid of racism, class and negativity, and people can govern themselves.
An arena where I can be myself, whatever field I choose to master.
Steemit is on the path to conquer other forms of social media, because it is decentralized.
Steemit is built on the STEEM blockchain. As it grows, it becomes far more valuable.
STEEM is an established blockchain that can transfer funds in 3 seconds without fees
This means the power is in our hands to make a living for ourselves,
Sharing the things we love with others in the community.
As Steemit grows, it's value grows, and each of us are rewarded for sharing.
Register your Steemit account today to receive free STEEM.
Africa is here to stay.
Join us. Come and see the light.

click this link to join the telegram group chat to enable you send your videos


Wow! What a great opportuniry.
This is a great one. Participate i am ASAP.

please do, looking forward to your entry

The spread shit is read only. I can't edit. I want to choose Line 23.

I have written it for you

It has taken me much time to reply
I am sorry I have not commented sooner
This is a great historical undertaking!

I hope everyone will take a part, in this first video and the next, and the next!

Let us show the world the power of P2P internet and STEEM!

Thank you for your help and you willingness to teach. From the comments, one can see that you are inspiring people. Thank you very much.

ill choose line 11

I can tell this will be very productive as my ears are twitching already...definitely gon participate... OK bye
@dee-y over and out.

great. looking forward to your entry

Let's go make a video!!!!!!!

na so!!! looking forward to watching your video

Am having issues locating you on telegram

This will help to create a clearer picture of Steemit and Cryptocurrency at large and it's benefits to Africans

Of course, we are telling our story, looking forward to your entry

Good job dear. Am proud of this. A big one from wafrica! @surfyogi has never stopped dreaming big for Africa.

Truly, @surfyogi is a blessing to our community

I have no idea how to reach you in telegram. I have some questions.

Please search for me using @chiama
Thank you.

Just did. The response I got was that I can only text mutual friends.

whats your telegram name? click this link, to join the telegram group chat, you can then send your video.

Wow,this is great, what a nice initiative,its such a great concept; an opportunity to give Africa and his people voice, a resonating voice of Unity, to enter the world of unlimited opportunities. Well done all @chiama and others.

This is awesome
How do i know a line that has not been picked?

I love the movement and will take part in it

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