The Secret to Riding The Volatility Wave With Steem, Bitcoin , Eos et al

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Most People are worried of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies which can be seen in coinmarket cap website . Conversely, however, smart investors are making supernormal profits because of knowing how to ride the volatility wave while fuders and emotional traders are the daily victims of the volatile crypto markets. Moreover, the interesting part of the crypto market is its volatile nature which makes it possible to make daily profits (for day traders) and ability to enter a top market during panic selling periods. The question, however : do we know how to ride the volatility wave? Or will we just give up the ghost to fuders? Here are some few point

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Crytos are Not for faint hearted : Cryptocurrencies are not for faint hearted , therefore if you know that you easily panic / extreme stressful when steem or your coins/tokens are red then this industry is not for you because you can easily sell off all very low even the coins you bought high. The best thing to do is to forget checking the ups and downs of crypto markets on daily basis and target long term holding of some good coins/tokens-which will guarantee you a good profit.

Buy low , sell high: Day traders can always make some daily profits by buying low (during panic selling periods) and selling high – when markets recover. Never join fuders or emotional traders to sell off your investments due to bad news from governments, banks or any other entity that might want to create fear in order to buy cheap coins.

HODL: those who hodl (hold) in the long run always make supernormal profits because of the positive outlook of blockchain technology especially steem blockchain. Do you know that most whales bought steem at less than 10cent? Which means that they are currently on supernormal profits by holding (powering up their steem) and thus are enjoying the profits of being a whale -on daily basis.

Diversify Long Term: Holding long term is great however you have to diversify too by selecting steem plus some top undervalued coins/tokens especially now that they are cheap. See white list section of for an example. This strategy will guarantee you a positive ROI (return on investment) and being able to take advantage of the volatility nature of cryptocurrencies.

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Diversification is the key to success. If you are invested in just one coin then its alot of pressure to not sell at times of low. Diversification reduces volatility and panic attacks when others are fudding.

Good helps you to spread the risk. Thanks for your comment

good site thank you.

Wow some whales bought at less than 10cent? how I wish I had such opportunity.. I agree with diversification of good coins/tokens and will look into this elyte. Moreover, Hodl is key because as the case of steem and bitcoin, you will always make supernormal profits...good post, 100% upped.

Diversification, Hodl and no panicking are some of the keys to success...thanks for your comment

yeah i bought my small stack when steem was around $0.15 or so, those were good times! :)

Of the myriad of possible combinations I suggest that it is not 100% HODL and not 100% of trading.
If only HODL, there is no action, just waiting (not too interesting).
If only trading, it's not for those of a weak heart (too jittery changes).
That's why it's a good mix.
1.) Select coins for HODL (see what old Wolves say about HODL - any good source of information),
2.) Choose money for daily trading (optional criteria should be oscillations in daily value during the last 30 or 90 days).
So you can be active.
Good luck in the crypto world.

Veyr good strategy indeed...thanks for your suggestion.

Haha , something I say all the time like you, "Buy Low Sell High " and ride that Volatile crypto wave ! HODL ! unless of course you have to sell to survive like me , something that I hate doing but have to . I would much rather be powering up my friend , and im hoping to be doing so soon , now that I just started back working more full time ! I just wish the price of steem would go back up so I can pay down my overdue bills sooner . Eigther way , thank goodness for steem and steemit !! Great post @charles1 , upped and resteemed !👍😀

Good news that you started working full time and thus will be growing your steem power and thanks for your good comments and support...more success to you

As soon as I can I will my friend ! thanks for your kind reply !👍👍👍

Hi @charles1 I think you want to add a disclaimer to this post that you are not giving investment advice to anyone. Thanks for these optimistic comments. They certainly are welcomed and needed at a time like this when volatility is reigning. Yes smart day traders are making a killing. I know a few in fact and the key is to understand the flow of the markets if you want to make some sure money of what is happening. Day traders in stocks or currencies look for moves in the less than 1% amounts cryptos can be 10x that amount. You do not get the same velocity of money and you have to be careful because some things can run away from you, but if you get the flow you can do well.

One final thing. We cannot expect all cryptos to do well. In fact the vast majority will crash and burn. So telling everyone to just hodl I do not think isa great idea. I think you have to be smart and careful and pay great attention to what is happening. This will tell you if you have a long term winner or a dud. Most are duds. Just my thoughts. Thanks

Very good point indeed , I agree. However I indicated that you should chose great coins , do your DD, diversify especially undervalued coins/tokens and HODL...still not a perfect recipy however it is a strategy that will help

Bitcoin and crypto are not an investment for people looking to preserve and slowly grow wealth they already have. It's a big risk yes but a big reward associated w it. It's not an investment for the faint-hearted but there's no reason to hate on people trying to make some money.

Good point...however haters will always be hating..LOl

It's really normal when you have a lot of cryptocurrencies in your hands but the price is very low. But this situation will pass soon. Just like the volatile nature of cryptos, market is also volatile. :D

Yes, there will always be ups and downs ...good point

there are some projects like Storj file sharing i genuinely want to see happen so i feel more secure about my data and stuff. Steem is something im getting to know and understand. This is how we should invest. Currencies are all about the tech behind the coin. Trickier to invest in because so many factors involved in currency. Adoption, partners, etc. Got to watch 'em and the news.

Point, thanks for your comment

Volitility is one of the first reason of not being able to attract commen people. Normal investors dont like uncertanities srounding around cryptocurrencies. They want it to be stable investment.
Currently cryptocurrencies are only for long term investors i saw many daily traders loosing thier money in recent three months.

I agree with you hence the need to chose with causion and Hodl .

Diversify in crypto is not truely diversity, you are still investing in the same category. Difference coins under the same father of bitcoin. Should be invest some fund into gold to counter with USD or Oil or vice versa. Just my 2 cents.

Very good point however those markets are not even better than cryptos...on the other hand if you have enough money then you can diversify to Gold , Real Estate and silver

Just as with anything you have to educate yourself and not invest what you can't afford to loose.

Point, I agree with you...thanks for your comment

I fully agree with the statements you made in the article. I tried to trade bitcoin last year, and that didn't pay out at all. With the crypto market still being in the emerging phase it's remains hard to tell which coins/techs will survive... Yet to hodl you also need to be 100% fundamentally convinced that your coin can make it, and always critically assess your investments.

Very good point, I agree.

Nice post, theres no need checking the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies, no need to panic, just work... thanks for sharing

Yes...good point indeed

I believe the secret is to dollar cost average during time like these

Can you elaborate?

Yeah during down times, you pick your favorite coins and start making buys every two weeks or monthly, this way you will slowly bring your cost basis down.

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good community news post thank for shearing

Did you read the

Hi @charles1 Great post and thanks for the positive messages.

What do you like about the post my dear one?

We are in a very challenging time right now with regard to how to invest and what we should invest in and should we HODL or buy and sell quickly. The messages you talk about in the post cast a positive ight on the industry as a whole nd give people good information on strategies to use to get positive results. For this reason I think it is a very good post. Did I answer your question sufficiently sir?

Well I really wanted to resteem it because without beating the bush you've mentioned the exact points precisely . Every newbie and panic sellers should learn from this point . Thanks for spreading the knowledge man !

Welcome and thanks for your comment

very interesting

Did you read the

yes, I did... and I am not a bot lol. I already knew that I should diversify my portfolio... none of this information is new to me. I just thought it was interesting how you think you need steem in your portfolio. I did not purchase any. I am getting free steem from here. Why are you accusing everyone of being bots... that's not nice bro.

I am not accusing anyone rather I wanna diffrenciate real commenters from bot commenters or copy and paste commenter hence the question-steemit is full of spammy comments tho.

Fair enough. I am not one to judge. I enjoyed your post. I already knew a decent amount of the information. I thought it could help others. Not a bot. Never going to be a bot. I am a living breathing human just trying to connect with everyone on here as much as I can. If you don't like that I wont comment on your posts anymore. Have a good one bro.

I like this your comment because it shows you are human...understand that many people here just copy and paste comments like follow for follow or upvote for upvote or very interesting, good post etc hence why most people respond like I a new member, see my older posts for tips on how to succeed here. I wish you success.

Okay thank you bro! I followed you and upvoted the post. Have a good one.

Welcome and more success to you....


Amazing Post !

Did you read the

kripto paraların ömrünün uzun süreli olacağını düşünmüyorum. Hükumetler önlemlerini almaya başladılar.

If you know how to hold... you can have good profit.

Nice post, theres no need checking the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies, no need to panic, just work... thanks for sharing

need to understand the market and then move according to it. most of traders create panic and then drop off start . do not be panic in this field just relax and play like the winners. thanks

Wow!! You are doing a great job @Charles1. Now I know what to do to make the best out of my crypo-currency.
Please do well to read my post on danger of alcohol on my blog @andymandy01

nice post. Thanks for sharing.

What is nice about the post?

Todos los valores suben y bajan, y las criptomonedas son uno de los más fluctuantes, por eso provocan muchos sobresaltos y algunas señales de taquicardia que provocan reacciones de pánico cuando bajan y de euforia cuando suben en el que las posee. Es necesario entrenar nuestra mentalidad y aumentar nuestro conocimiento en esta área.
All values rise and fall, and cryptocurrencies are one of the most fluctuating, so they cause many surprises and some tachycardia signals that cause panic reactions when they fall and euphoria when they rise in the one that owns them. It is necessary to train our mentality and increase our knowledge in this area.

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good afternoon I'm back here, good information my friend, this is interesting what you say I hope to see your next post, I'm grabbing taste to your publications, it's my second time that I comment, a greeting from Venezuela

What is good about the post?

good morning, I do not understand because when one,comment you do that but good, it's good because it does not teach that we should not despair before the situation the votality of the coins, which teaches us to be clever and know when to buy and when not, what we owe is from see the future is to see long-term and not short term, because I say it and scares me when the value of the steemit began to decrease even I was interacting with other friends and they told me that normal that as well as low so it goes up there is where the game is, you must buy when the value is low and sell when it is expensive, at that time I could not understand what they were referring to, so when you mentioned that in your post it was where I could understand what was said Some of the people with whom I talk about, well I hope you have been clear because you like it because it is the second time I comment and you answer me with a question, I hope you take into account my humble comment a greeting from venezuela

Wow what a good comment...greetings to you

thanks for taking into account my humble comment

Great information in this post for new people that just came in to crypto.. would like to see more posts like this.

what is good about the

Hai @charles1 !saya sangat menikmati post anda semoga sukses
Dan terus bekerja dengan semangat.

ı wanna this

You read the post bot?

A useful post, amazing

what is good about the

nice post keep it up

I read, see and enjoy amazing your innovative post can add knowledge, thank you for sharing.

Good advice @charles1. Definitely important to recognize the difference between emotionally trading or being somewhat above it, to make better long term decisions.

las Cripto monedas aunque se encuentren en una situación poco inestable debido a bajados y subidas repentinas son irremediablemente la base de comercio futuro! hay que apostar por ellas aun cuando por ahora no sean totalmente estables

I Invested in Ethereum on a $45 price point.. Since then I diversified into multiple other coins which includes EOS, XRP and ADA just to name a few..

This has always been a long game strategy.. and its inevitable that crypto currency will be the way of the future.. just takes a bit of patience

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