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RE: [ANN] Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit.

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Not sure if you have a graphic or not but was playing around with some ideas!!! @davemccoy


Wow, that's really cool. Maybe Dave has already asked you, but you should really make a post about this. Please do that and I will do my best to promote it.

I will change this logo shortly as it is a much better fit than our current simple logo.

Thank you! I will definitely do that! Glad you both liked it! I've also enhanced it a bit trying out a few looks so will place them in the post as well. As i told Dave its yours to use however you would like.

awesome again @charisma777 :) ... I love it!

That graphic looks nice! What a shiller :)

Lol thanks! We should shill for one another!!! Glad you like it!!

I think you got charimsa ;)

Thanks i guess that's why my mother gave me that name!!!

Then she must have charisma too :)

this is really cool, makes me want to get dust sweeper now :)

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