That is a great question @charisma777... Let's ping @danielsaori and see if he can handle that somehow... Daniel?

Awesome! Thanks! I knew you were going to help do great things on steemit! This is Just one of them! I had read @beeyou's post on dust and glad thou all came up with this idea!!

Great question! We will be adding that in the next update. It might be a useful feature.

i already have a small list of people i would love to help out! Looking forward to that update! Pretty awesome that you and Dave came up with @dustsweeper love the idea

GREAT question, @charisma777!!!

I already have a few peeps I try to upvote when their votes don't come up to $0.03. Being able to buy on behalf of them would make that all automated and save time.

Thanks for asking!

I think so too! Glad this service has arrived!!

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