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What's the news?

Time for an update


There has been a lot going on in BuddyUP over the past couple of weeks and it's time for an update post to bring you up to speed. I'm going to explain the level system and how we've finessed it for easier understanding. I'm going to show you our newest feature on the server. I'll also be sharing the timeline for our posts and when you can expect to catch our weekly show. Read on, you'll find it all out by the end of the post!

Are you a new member and you're just discovering BuddyUP for the first time? Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the update today, head over to this post which explains the two starter features in BuddyUP. You can always come back here and learn more about the newest updates once you've settled into the server.

We always share updates on our discord server. If you want to get involved in the BuddyUP community and you want to receive these updates before they make it to a post, drop by and find out what's changing right in front of your eyes.

Level up!


Last week, we streamlined our server so it's easier for new members to join and work out how to get involved in the community. In the very beginning, the left side of our server was filled with channels and features which seemed to deter anybody from getting started. It was a lot of text and information to absorb and I'm not surprised at the number of people who struggled to begin their BuddyUP journey.

It has all changed now! The server is now streamlined and simple for newer members. There are certain channels open from the very beginning to help with communication and the channel list has been organized and cut down so you aren't overwhelmed when you first join. You'll level up once you've shown us that you're willing to get involved. We hope the compression of the server will give everyone the opportunity to join the BuddyUP community.


the first thing you'll see in BuddyUP.

We've cut down all the channels and made the joining progress as simple as we can. To gain full access to the server, you can either send 1SBD to @buddyup or write an introduction post using the 'buddyupintro' tag. You can listen in to our Drop in the Ocean show on a Monday, without having a membership, but you can't talk or present. If you need any help you can stop by #the-pond and ask the other members any questions you might have.

Once you've gained access to the server...



snippet from the post-spot channel

You've gained access to the server and five more channels have popped up. The first two are your #post-spot and #request-a-bud channels which are described in better detail here (this is the same post that was shared at the top). These two channels are important and beneficial to anybody joining BuddyUP for the first time; they'll help you get involved straight away.

You'll notice the #buddyup-whitelist channel has opened too. This is where you send us a message with your BitShares username so you can start earning BUDDYUP tokens. If you'd like further information about this, please head over to this post, so you can get yourself up to date.

You've been active, you're getting involved... you've been ranked up...



snippet from post-link channel

When you reach the Guppy rank, the BuddyUP ocean really opens up. You unlock three more POST POOL channels to use and two of those three are self-promotion. You unlock post-pool-feedback (and the voice channel), so you can gain real-time advice and insights from more established members of the platform.

You're in the depths of BuddyUP now and your efforts in the various channels won't go unrewarded. If you are signed up to the whitelist and you leave your BTS username after you post in the POST POOLS, you will receive BUDDYUP tokens. You'll also receive more tokens depending on how valuable and engaging you are.

If you have the time, you'll be able to check out #fish-of-the-sea as a Guppy. Read about the rest of the roles and learn how we all progress and grow to become more responsible members of the BuddyUP community.

Write your schedule...


We have two weekly features within the BuddyUP community, this week we moved them about so they're easier to manage. Timezones and busy days make it difficult to bring everyone together at a specific time. As well as this, we have some brilliant shows, by other close communities, which we all try to take part in. We will be running our features as follows:

  • Drop in the Ocean (SHOW) - Monday @ 20:00 GMT

  • Drop in the Ocean (POST) - Wednesday (Once the votes are shared)

  • Hook 'Em Up (POST) - Friday

You can see our latest DITO and HEU posts here and here


source - photo by joel muniz

As well as the shows and posts, we will also be paying out the BUDDYUP tokens on a Wednesday. We are rewarding tokens weekly so that we can minimize the number of fees that we pay out. This may move on a fortnightly basis as our members grow.

After we've sent your weekly tokens, we will go through the #buddyup-whitelist channel and add the new members to the list. We will leave a message on the channel stating that the next week has begun and everyone will be able to earn tokens again.

We will also be having weeks where you can gain double tokens. Keep your eyes peeled!

Read and earn


We've created a new channel for the Guppy rank and above. This channel is another addition to the POST POOLS category and it's designed to give you rewards for learning about BuddyUP. All you have to do is read the content and leave a valuable comment!


snippet from our new post-mark channel

Learning about the server is important for our growth and #post-mark will be your number one place to find informative posts about BuddyUP. You will be rewarded your tokens on a Wednesday, the amount depends on the effort you've put into your comment. The rewards will range from 0.1 - 0.3 BUDDYUP tokens.



We've got a lot of exciting steps to come regarding our new tokens and their roadmap. We have an announcement about a community we have been working with. We've got artwork underway and incoming. We have got a lot going on!

I will be sharing these update posts every Sunday to bring you back up to speed if you've not been very active through the week. There is a lot happening, which can become overwhelming if you haven't had the time to keep up to date, but we hope that this will level out in the next few weeks and you will know what you need to if you follow the update posts.

If there is anything else you need to know, we are all very active in #the-pond. If you ever need to drop by and ask us some questions about joining, taking part, or even leaving, that's where we will be and we'll always be happy to help.

I hope you've all had a great weekend, let's get ready for a fun week ahead!

We all grow together


This has been @calumam, thanks for reading.

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great initiative :) Thank YOU for using the teamgood tag to spread the love all over this crazy place ;)

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Excuse me for advertising. It is necessary to earn. I'll try to stop soon. :)

Nice!!!!!! Trending in community!!!

Streamlining is always so key!!! Helps people to jump in there without feeling overwhelmed 😊

I'm seeing new names and great conversations in our chat... Love watching us add genuine people to our home!

Thanks for working non-stop for us @calumam!!!! We so appreciate your love for our community!


It's helped out an awful lot for sure. Newer users seem to be joining and getting the hang of it straight away which is always good!

No problem at all @dreemsteem, I'm having a blast so it's easy peasy :D I appreciate your continued support!

This is so very exciting @calumam, and I'm extremely thrilled to see what our future holds. You have put together a great thing. Now, I'm still kinda stupid on the whole bitshares thing, I log into my account and don't really know what I'm looking at but I will learn lol. Thank you for everything you do for us and our community!!

Who knows where we'll be in the next few months! I'll help you out with bitshares anytime, just drop me a message if you have any questions :)

It's a pleasure! I'm having so much fun!

It’s amazing to see how far you, the server, and the entire BuddyUp community have come in such a short time! I’m blessed to be a part of such a great group of people.

Thank you for your update posts. Easy to understand and they always incite enthusiasm. I’m like, “yeah, let’s do this!”, every time I read one. This one was no exception.

Thanks @calumam

Thank you so much for the kind words @coachjj! It's amazing how far we've come in such a short time but I'm adamant that we're on the right track and that things are going to get even better :)

I'm glad they help give you that motivation! I'm going to be sharing these posts every sunday and they'll be little snippets into our progress and where we are currently at :)

Thank you for being on the Talk Of The Line, it was a pleasure to have you and hear about your post. See you next time
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So glad to see how far you took this community within such a short time! As I have told you before, I am really impressed with your work and I am thrilled to see things go in the right direction for you. Thanks for inviting me to be part of it.