Are You A Content Creator ? - What Do You Know, About SEO ?

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Yo yo my Steemies, wattup?

Are you a content creator?

Then you will always need reach.

There are some very simple, and easy, organic SEO techniques, that you could incorporate right now, into your content creation.

Make the most out of your time and effort, in creating your content, to get it known.

Where's the best place to hide a dead body?

Page 2, of a google search.


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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My sources say no

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Nice video, but I would have hoped that I would not need to go and google "long tail keywords", but just hear you explaining the thing on a deeper level

The things I know about SEO is that we have to be everywhere. Because to make our content recognized on the web we have to share our stuff in all social media, not only to promote ourselves but to promote steem as well.

Now they have algorithms working, if a link of our video or article or anything is shared in a lot of social media, it will be always on trending. That's why I like to use all the social networks, even if some people don't like them. We don't have to care about their negative aspects, but we have to profit from them to promote ourselves and steem.

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Great advice on using SEO. I myself try (don't always succeed) to put the keywords from the title into the first paragraph of text somehow if possible. It helps to establish the subject immediately and does help with search engine placement. Also, you are correct about organic reach as well...problem is organic, non-paid ways of gaining clicks are fading fast on places like Facebook. I have a rather large following over there, and they are not interested in seeing ANY ads these days, which is why I'm looking for other platforms to create content (such as steemit).

OK. Thank you. Im gonna have to do a little more research on "Long tail keywords" ... Ive never heard of it before & I used to build & optimize websites.