@SocialBot is Introducing Microcredits to Empower Youths on Steem Blockchain

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From Bangladesh, a lot of youths are joining @steemit who has only wish to earn here. But it is not easy for them to gain attention in the very beginning and earn money here without investment. Many of them are not financially good enough to keep their patients in posting when earning a few cents or nothing. I personally talked a lot of youths from our community @Steemitbd for last 2 years. My communication through our discord server and our facebook group helped to learn more BD steemians. I wished to help my fellow steemians and founded the @Steemitbd ( Steemit Bangladesh) for continuously working to support the youths from Bangladesh.

As a delegator and user of the service for @SocialBot, I want you to feel proud. @SocialBot going to start microcredits to end poverty and empowering youths on steem blockchain through the @steemitbd community.

As delegator you are gaining a 120% profit of your investment from @socialbot that includes 100% is going as daily payout to your wallet. As a bidder of upvotes, you are getting 10% guaranteed profits except for any big price change of steem price.

I will talk about 20% of your profit in the introduction post.


1000SP, 2000SP, 3000SP, 5000SP, 10000 SP.

Today we are going to announce our first young man from Bangladesh who joined on steemit today with the help of @shuvo35. He is on steemit with the name @yeasin1971. @SocialBot is going to give him 5 steem loan through @steemitbd community.

Please read his first post on steem blockchain. He is just in class twelve and today I talked with him in voice hangout in @SteemitBD discord server to know more about him. We will continuously observe and support him as a community.

Microcredits concepts

Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit. He is a social entepreneur from Bangladesh. It is my long ago plan and linkedin profile "About" says it for last 3 years.

What he can do with the loan?

This is the very beginning of our initiative and we want to allow loan amount to more than 100 steem for new steemians who are from lower-income families, want to work on steemit and also looking for support to build their profile. They can buy small amounts of votes with the 5 steem and perhaps it is the first online earning experience for @yeasin1971. So we hope eventually he can get more organic support.

Loan Repayment

There is no interest in the loan and we will only take the original amount from @Yeasin1971 when he can earn more than 5 steem and able to help himself on steemit. We want to bring more people to steemit from Bangladesh.


March 3, 2017

As a trainer of a govt. project to create young freelancers in my city. We worked more than 3000 educated youths in our city before I become active on steemit. They are now working in different platforms like fiverr, upwork and Amazon affiliate and in the field of marketing. It is not so easy to work with them as they are already active in freelancing platforms. But I want to work with them that necessarily depend on the development of @SocialBot.

Thanks to my friend @R2cornell (1000 SP) @preparedwombat( 100 SP) for the delegation to @SocialBot. Thanks to our developer @sourovafrin for his amazing work with @SocialBot.

According to the plan, @SocialBot will delegate 100% of its earned SP to @SchoolForSDG4. More the SocialBot grow more delegation will go to @SchoolForSDG4.

I will make an introduction post about @socialbot soon. But if you want to talk and know more about @socialbot, please contact me on discord. # azizbd2850 or on steem.chat/direct/azizbd

Who deserves the votes from @SchoolForSDG4? @SchoolForSDG4 does not vote randomly but it follows the trail of @SteemitEducation and @ADollarADay to support charity projects and people who deserve it. Also, @SchoolForSDG4 has a list of authours, projects list (growing) for auto votes.

School For SDG4 upvote report

N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information https://steem.chat/direct/azizbd .


Join us on Discord

A Youth Run Community Organization from Bangladesh


I have currently 16,000 available SP that am willing to delegate.
But I need to know more details about what benefits exactly a delegator is receiving...

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Hey @cryptoeera, Thank you for your interest. Please check your discord messages, I sent you more information about @Socialbot .

Oops I missed the post. May be gina was down and i missed the mention.
In case of any issue with payment, vote or anything else technical, anyone can contact with me. I am on discord with id: sourovafrin#5422.
By the way I hope this initiative will help newbies to grow on steem blockchain. I saw many people leaving platform not getting any support. Let's hope for the best.

Great to see the progress of this initiative. I think might be good time to initiate this type pf program. many cryptocurrencies are gaining, and it hopefully will be the same for steem.

Thank you for the support as always. and I also noticed your additional delegation for the project. As @SocialBot has social functions, these posts are parts of the introduction posts. Hope more supporters will join with us.

Congratulations for this incredible project..!! I read everything and it sounds amazing for new steemians ..

The future of Steemit is changing one more time..!!! Awesome..!!

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Thank you for your comment, we are looking for more delegations right now to create big impacts. It will be nice to have more people join with @socialbot.

Applause! You did a great job by intaiting such a cool helping project for your country people. More power to you..

Have a good day and success ahead..

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Thank you for your support @ikrahch . Wish you have a nice day

No problem.. Enjoy your day

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Wow! Awesome initiative, @azizbd.
I delegated a little bit of my SP to @yeasin1971 so he won't run out of RC every 10 comments. It's not a lot, but it'll give him a little more freedom when exploring SteemIt

Thanks a lot for your delegation. I already informed him and hope he will soon learn more about how your support helped him to build his profile here. so nice of you. @simplymike

No problem. Just doing what I can to keep new users from leaving...

Yes, There are huge possibilities for microcredit with Steem and I am happy that someone advance this project. Congratulations.

Thank you for your valuable comment. I was thinking of microcredits since my university educations. I became more active with @SchoolForSDG4 and @WomenEmpowerment project. But Steemit gave a unique opportunity for me and @SocialBot and @SteemitBD will work with these to ensure youths are getting support not only with loans but also the support through weekly hangout and train youths about blogging. I am very hopeful but I still needs to grow @SocialBot as it is voting service with many social benefits. So as a buyer, or delegators, everyone are paid and get part of these social businesses without losing their money.

I have been writing 5 articles about microfinance : https://steemit.com/microfinance/@chrisaiki/peer-2-peer-steem-micro-lending-5
You can say to your students that @askanything will upvote their questions if they use the tag #asa. Asking questions is the best way to learn.
I am expecting the presentation of @SocialBot

Cool initiative. BTW I don't think encouraging newbies to buy votes as a first step is a good idea. We should tell them to engage and make themselves known to this place.

I am very interested in the 120% return part though. Looking forward to your intro post. Any estimates when it will come? 🤔

120% as a delegator or something else?

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These are parts of Introduction posts and it should be on the way. Thank you for your comment. We should find out how to train newcomers and bring more people here. He, of course, learning how to get organic support and find a way to grow. Also, it is better to tell them all the opportunities and options (i.e organic support, how to promote, the alternative of organic support and so on) they have from the very beginning.

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost

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Thank you for letting me know. I have no idea how it works. I am doing it manually for @SocialBot. But as soon as the voting service grows, we will find better loan methods and services by other platforms

Hello, what is your discord? I have many questions. My discord is blessed-girl # 2483

Thank you. Nice to talk with you tonight

There should be a support for newcomers on Steemit.

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you are welcome to @steemitbd and we are trying to help newcomers

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This is a great idea to put into a project to help people who will like to be part of this community... Keep it up

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Thank you for your support for @socialbot.

Very good idea hope it works I will be delegating some power soon. Keep up the good work

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Microcredit is the type of a word that cause some threatening reaction. Hope this project will deserve its sustainability

Continue to persevere, not only on steem, but learning all the necessary things about blockchain, making a good opportunity for your people, keep us posted.

I am from the Philippines.

Awesome 👌

Nice one, guess this is for Bangladesh steemians. Hope other community will learn from this nice innovative

Thank you. I hope it will work in other communities as well. we will see how we can help other countries. But we will donate to charities outside of Bangladesh from @SocialBot Steem Powerdown. We need more delegators for the development of the project

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Ha ha having fun of reply of @steemitboard

Kno vai ki vabe jno ata w

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Join @steemitbd for your info bro.

This is a tremendous initiative! reaffirms my belief that this platform is made for great things.

Great article. Thanks for the trouble...


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I am grateful that there are users and / or communities that promote support to other users who make life in this community, for no one is a secret the difficult situation that live many people in our world, but without doubt, we are ourselves who must move forward using the tools that exist, Steemit is a great opportunity to grow and for that we must have the support of others. Thank you for your good work.

Well done

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