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RE: @duplibot downvoter asks, "Does the community support you?"

in #community5 years ago


I suggest and edit to the comment.

Asking, even politely as you have, for upvotes is actually considered spam/abuse.

I hope you still receive upvotes to support the project if/when the text is altered.


I have evolved and found a better approach than asking for votes. Thanks again for your feedback


I genuinely appreciate the calm feedback and your support. I've been conflicted with my 'ask' from the start so I'm definitely going to find a new approach and change the text here.

Please dont give the downvote before reading whats happen!

I read the post by @duplibot and advised a small change in the text.

I don't understand why you feel the need to down vote the comment, the bot is making you aware that you have a spammer on your blog.

It is a Problem because he have 500 SP and a young Account Nobody can see it is ok or not!

Flag removed!

Now we are all right? my flag removed but please have a look of your suportet @duplibot !! I do it too ;-)

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