Creating a Directory of Steem Communities – Submit your Community for Listing Today

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Community spirit is alive and well on STEEM, we have communities to support different niches and different locations, we have communities to support apps and we have communities to support your learning journey on steem.  Communities are the backbone of STEEM.  Come for the money stay for the community 😊


The Problem

Finding communities can be hard, especially if you are new here on steem.  They are housed everywhere from Discord to Telegram and Facebook.  This does not make it easy for newbies.

More recently we have communities arriving on @steempeak, we have @kure by @krnel and we have @tokenbb.  Soon we will also have communities as developed by Steemit inc. 

It has long been established that recruiting new STEEM users to communities plays its part in retention. Being able to quickly find communities that you share an interest with should be easy but right now it is not.  Greeting new users and having the resource to help them find the right community quickly would be a benefit to many. 

Recently I found myself telling someone to find a community search the tag# on STEEM and check the footers and banners in the posts.  That’s not great advice, in fact its rather poor.  I often find myself putting people in contact with communities and I am sure everyone else working with newbies and redfish do the same.

The Solution – Directory of STEEM Communities

To join all the dot, and make it easy for everyone to find communities to engage with, I am creating a directory of STEEM communities and we are open for listing.


You can submit your listing with this link

You can view the directory with this link and

You can search directory with this link

Tips for Submitting a Community

This directory is fully searchable by users and by search engines.  In the long description be as descriptive as possible, what services do you offer, what niche do you cater for, what type of people will we find in your community.  Do you have contests, training, mentoring?  How do you help people grow on steem?  Is your community for new or experience steem users?  Does your community focus on one Dapp? Does your community support people from a geographical location? All this sort of stuff. The more detail you add the easier it will be for people to find you.

Once you submit your community and it has been approved you can use the search feature to check your listing for keywords and you can amend your listing if need be.

Share Share Share

Please do share this post and the directory.  Add it as a link/footer in your posts so people can find the communities they need.  Please also share this post with any community leaders that you know and ask them to make a submission.

Who will see this directory?

This directory will be used as a resource on the STEEM training courses that I give.  In the last 30 days 80 people have enrolled in this course.   It's not that many, but I am set to do a big push soon 😊  


This directory will also be promoted on STEEM via footers and banners in posts and some of the communities already listed are linking back to the directory as a resource for their members (you are also free to link back to the directory and help steem users find the communities they need).

Finally, there are other plans for the @steemcommunity website that will drive traffic from other sources. 

Shameless Promotion

Like what we are doing? Don't forget to vote for @steemcommunity as your steem witness. You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here: 

Not sure what else we do?  Visit our website to find out more


Communities by steempeak is not communities by @steempeak only... it's a community system for all of STEEM. SteemPeak just happens to be the first Interface developing for it. And we're working with Steemit to get supported by hivemind servers as well. Which would make it the community system of steemit if and when that happens.

I can't wait for all that to happen :-) it will be awesome

Brilliant initiative....
@shanibeer get #needleworkmonday listed and @aalagenesis get @creativestreet listed please :-)

fantastic hope to see @shanibeer and @aalagenesis submit their communities :-)

Great initiative @paulag!

Thanks @nathen007 😊

@toofasteddie, I think @runningproject should be listed here.

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great, hope to see your submission soon :-)

and its now approved :-)

By when @runningproject will be listed?

sorry, I thought I pressed publish, its is done for sure now

thanks for sharing :-)

This is such a great initiative! Thank you so much for all the work you are doing. This will be a great help to many. I will be listing #NeedleWorkMonday very soon, hopefully over this weekend.

awesome, I look forward to your submission :-)

Thank you :)

Done! Just finished submitting @needleworkmonday :)

Oh, just left word to you but I see you're already here :) Excellent!

Thanks so much @erikah I really appreciate that ;)

Great initiative, @paulag. Not only new users, but even old users should explore viable communities to develop connection.

Hey @jaynie please submit @steemitbloggers community and then, @riverflows please submit @naturalmedicine community


Already done!!! Thanks for thinking of us @@@anggreklestari 💚💚💚🙏🙏🙏

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@paulag, a directory that requires every community to self-register (like this one does) instead of proactively identifying communities and gathering their info is extremely unlikely to be comprehensive.
I like your work and have supported some of your other great initiatives, but you're going about this all wrong. This is at least the 4th 'directory' that has been brought to me in the last month with a request to add my community. It's a waste of my time to self-register on every single 'community listing' or 'directory' that pops up.

Please tell me you have a backup plan to make sure that well-known successful communities will still be included in your directory.

you are probably right, im most likely going about this the wrong way. But in defense, this came from feedback from redfish during the make 250 new minnows event. If we had communities on steem the way hivemind intended, we wouldnt need this. But at least right now I have some where to point the 30+ new students I am getting on the training course each week.

I do hope I can grow it and I do hope it can help people, but I do also know and accept its far from perfect.

If you don´t mind me meddling @josephsavage, I find it extremeley easier for a community leader or mod to register their community in a database (no matter if they are 4 or 5 so far) rather than to have one person browse the chain and find communities, then check if they are still active, check if they have a discord, chat, place where they meet, what the community is about etc etc etc, thats at least 5 minutes per community at least 200 times (maybe even more, considering there are a lot of new communities out there with 10 members). These kind of listings depend on the community´s proactiviity and interest in being listed (And getting more attention from users browsing said lists to find a community they are interested in). IMO, its projects and communities who should be interested in getting listed here, not the other way around.

you're idea @paulag is nice or good but the problem is, if you joined community others will just ignored you. I've been in different communities but only few of them are willing to support. Maybe if you joined, they're welcome are warmth but I think that's not enough. They have wonderful conversation but we know that's not enough why are we here. We need their votes also. Forgive me but I'm just being practical in some ways. Also for me, I think joining a community is not enough that you're the only one will engage them. It should be the community also to engage some of your post to make you feel motivated. Maybe this is a selfish ambition of mine but I hope you won't misunderstood my idea.
By the way I voted steemcommunity but I don't know how to register but I will try to sign up with the link you provided.

communities are about building relationships, with relationships votes come.

Awesome initiative @paulag !

always a pleasure ..! and I will watch the advancement of that project !

thanks for your engagement here !

Very cool ah I wish that one day we have one front end that incorporates all these cool features and you can really enjoy a complete steem experience. A guy can dream can't he?

lol thank you so much, what a wonderful thing to say :-)

Great idea @paulag, I've submitted my community @upvotebuilders. Just got an email. Cheers

I have just published it, if you add a logo it will grab more attention. Also you shared wallet addresses instead of profiles

Thanks @paulag, I actually added our logo and it is showing, see snapshot below:upvotebuilders-directory-listing.jpg

I'll check the other detail. Corrected now. Thanks.

Hi @paulag, I just made the corrections and updated but noticed our community is no longer showing even when I have received and email that the update was successful. Does it mean we'll wait until you publish it again?

its been approved :-) but you are still missing a link to where the community is housed? is it discord or somewhere else?

Thanks @paulag, actually those were the updates I did. Check below:



Sorry for the bother, hope those are what you were asking about?

Great, you rock.

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Hello @paulag, I've just left word to the vegan community, @vegansofsteemit. I'm sure they will join :)

thank you @erikah, Im looking forward to seeing the listing submission from @vegansofsteemit

My pleasure :)

Thanks @erikah! I need to check in with @evecab since she is the creator of the page, but I'm sure she'd love to get us listed!

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You're welcome, I'm happy to help this amazing community :)
Have a nice weekend!


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thank you for the cake yummmmmm

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I want to bring this to the attention of @jongolson of @steemsavvy hopefully he will read this.

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great we have steemsavvy listed :-0

I was thinking it would be a good fit!

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I can’t wait to see the full development of the front ends to include this as I think it could be part of what is missing for not only engagement but also retention! Great work!

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what a lovely compliment, thank you

Great idea! Tagging a few people to see if they want to enter this list with their communities:

Awesome, thanks for bringing this to the attention of others

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Great idea here. Now people just need to find this website.

dont worry, I have plans to make it found too :-)

Hmm good initiative, bravo ma'am. Please where can I get your link to udemy course for starter. Someone just notify me that he has just joined steemit and I believe the course will be of help to him. Thanks

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Great tool for people to find their way to communities around Steem! Thanks for putting this forward and inviting me to submit DSound community. 😀

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you are most welcome, the DSound listing looks amazing

Dear @paulag

Great piece of work and such a smooth read. I absolutely agree with you that "Communities are the backbone of STEEM".

Love your initiative. So you're focusing on STEEM communities, not limiting yourself only to Steemit platform?

Is @steemcommunity managed by you as well? I was wondering why would you care about becoming a witness? How could you potentialy benefit? Would you mind sharing with me?

Yours, Piotr

hay @crypto.piort, yep all STEEM related communities are welcome in the directory, its not just for steemit, steem is way bigger that steemit.

@steemcommunity witness is a partnership with myself and @abh12345. I think it shows our commitment and faith in the blockchain. Being only a backup witness means we dont exactly make much and for a long time were in a loss. The benefit for me is that when I run something, such as the make 250 new minnows in a month event, I can drum up the support needed because I have shown my committment to the block by being a witness, so it helps me help others really :-)

Dear @paulag

I just realized that (somehow) I've missed your previous comment. Just wanted to thank you for being always so responsive and sorry for such a late reply.

I already voted on your account to become witness. Are you and @abh12345 working closely together? Perhaps we could find a way to help each other and grow together. Do you use telegram by any chance?


Hi, no I dont use telegram, I am on discord and twitter if thats any use?

I was REALLY hoping that someone would do something like this! Love this idea of creating a community directory so "menos and planktons" like myself could find such communities on Steemit. THANKS for your hard working effort on putting together such a directory!
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