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@steemitblog Not exactly the same thing but only way to really communicate with you guys without getting burried...

Please consider changing the tron mechinism from every time your claim rewards to like batches of 10trx at a time...

The contract is burning more tron then it is paying out part of the problem why we have to wait for it to get fixed every few days ... there are people who have auto claim scripts running and claim every 10 minuites.... if its going to burn 0.5 tron just to send out the transaction... why not make sure the transaction is a 10 tron send 1 time. Instead of 0.001 tron 10000 times.

The problem only compounds when tron goes into it's busy periods.

Im sure people will go insaine hearing that maybe they cant touch the tron in incriments of 1/4 of a penny, but it could verywell be the difference of an extra years worth of payments when the time does come that they end the link.

this might seem like someone elses problem... but whoever manages this account has at least "some" pull compared to me when it comes to talking to the tron dev team or whoever is incharge of that payout script.

Another note... Tron is not exactly connected to steem ... it's just a script running along side that pays out and another script from steem that sends the info... So the only difference would be to store the data in an object for each user... and payout in batches, instead of payout out600 tron 65,000 times and burning 3000 tron in network fees... The reward pool can actually just pay out 600 tron .... in 60 transactions and only burn 18 tron in the process...

But in all reality... they will not be burning through all their resources. So it will be free bandwidth transactions...

And now instead of having to refil the pot 3 weeks early

they can actualy use the rewards pool... to pay us with instead of just having it there ready to burn.


Hey. Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We have already communicated this to various auto claim script runners who would start implementing a threshold on their scripts. Additionally, we have also brought this to the Tron team's notice as well. They should be implementing a fix to this soon.

To avoid being buried in the comments, you can directly reach out to me or any of the other witnesses in Steem. That would be a quicker way to get the info out ;)

If you like the development work that I do here, do support me by voting me as a witness:
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hey man. yea its not exactly the autoclaim scripts fault.... or it is, but even just smaller people who do it automatically, the way it's setup it's not that clear that it is costing so much. and sadly 95 percent of the people on steem have zero consideration for things other then if they can get paid doing something... If you dont someone to claim only at 10 they will never listen. but the payout script cann obviously do it .. because they aready do it the way that its setup... as a developer you know what im saying... theyy are just pushing it onto aan array already and when they run out of funds it just sits i n that array waiting patiently to be shifted out in due time.

where it could just sit in an object with property account where it waits to pass min requirements. Do you think you could send me the discord channel for the steem witnesses or whatever, because I have alot of stuff time to time id like to communicate, but it's not easy to get a word in .

You can find most of the witnesses on Steemglobal

You could also DM me directly on discord as well @starlord2826 #7618

sadly 95 percent of the people on steem have zero consideration for things other then if they can get paid doing something

It's more like people aren't aware of the TRX bandwidth costs. When I checked with some of the other witnesses earlier, they too had not considered the TRX burnt as fees. As far as I know, the Tron team has started to work on it. Till they have a proper fix to their script,(Which we have no access to) we can do our bit by having a threshold in the current auto claim tools running on Steem.

well yes they dont know. but again... they shouldnt have to... the money that is burnt is not ours... it's is not CHARGING the users... it is charging the tron foundation... It costs THEM** money to send out the rewards. it does not charge you to recieve a reward.

They know this is how it works. and they also KNOW how to use their own blockchain efficiently . my thoughts are its intentional as a way to pad the tron burned stat... but who knows... i just know there will eventually be a day maybe tomorrow maybe in 35 years... that they eventually say okay that is that, thank you for participating... Id rather xxx million tron of not been burnt in the process =)

if it charged you to send people money you cant blame the ppl who got the money ..Im tron over steem just so you know im not like trying to side with either one.... and im not saying ur wrong. but even autoclaim scripts... they dont resolve the issue that people will always click that banner that tells people to claim their rewards.

the only way to internally resolve the issue is to have the steem rewards claim be set a threshold which is not the right answer. .... because even if you change the autoclaim to 10 steem... it will still be sending out the thing if they check their wallet every 2 hours... the semi solution is change the steem rewards payout to 10 / and the real solution is change the tron payout to 10... Or a comprimise for people who are smaller....

Payouts done once per day..

what JSUN needs to do is quit bullshitting and put me incharge of operations lol jk. but like just something as simple as this could skyrocket trx / steem / btt >>>

Imagine along side the NORMAL steem / each user has the option to start their own super simple "webserver" which is tied into their steemit profile... Maybe it houses just a static page with some basic html elements. maybe the person is developing some type of livestreeming dapp to be used with steem who knows....

Bit torrent File System BTFS was released recently (ifps on bit torrent) which already has a whole GANG of people ready to rent out their ssd farms... the only missing link is a surplus of demand... Using a subscription model I can gaurentee even the littlest effort toards making this happen will skyrocket all 3 tokens.

It doesnt need to be running nodejs servers 24/7 just a little something to strengthen all three platforms ... would be a gamechanger but like theres no way to contact these people...

The TRX script has now been updated. TRX rewards would be distributed to respective wallets if the threshold of 10 TRX is reached. If it is not reached, this would get accumulated on the backend for a period of 7 days. After this, regardless of the amount of TRX accumulated, it would get distributed to the users.

you my friend are a hero...

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