Common things are not the Safest

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What many do cannot be good for everybody


Because of its being common, it cannot be the safest. It may have a risk in it. Many of us have got the misconception that the thing a number of people are doing must be safe. But in real terms, it is not.

What to do? Job or Business?

If you are doing a new business that is new to the market, most of the people around you may discourage you to do that. Why? Just because most of the people don't do that as that's risky. They don't think about how safe it may be. How much profit it may bring. Just because others don't do, they want you not to do also. They prefer you to do a job instead as most of the people tend to do a job. But in real terms, it is seen that that business is profitable. So, doing the business

The safest path is what your mind says

I said before that if you want to do something new, you'll face a lot of people against you who don't want you to do that. What should you do? Listening to them? Be tensed whether to do this or not? No, the only thing is that even if it's risky, you should listen to your mind. You are free as the wind to select your choice. Even though your choice is risky, it is the safest one to do as you can only succeed in something which is loved by you.

Don't cut off your actual thinking

If you rely on others to decide what you need to do, you lose your own wisdom. Your thinking capacity about yourself becomes less. Don't cut off your thinking listening to others. Just think with your own mind. Your mind only can drive you towards a safe path.

Security cannot be brought by following the mass people. To select a safe path, you have only two options:

1. Follow the mass blindly.
2. Follow your mind.

And I think from the discussion above you are all set to select which one is to follow. Of course, the second one should be your choice as I've proved that the thing that is common may not be the safest.

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Rightly said. Do what your mind says and do that you are comfortable with.
Take suggestion but take a right decision at the end. Max tries to follow your mind.
At the beginning we may some face problem. But in longer run we will be on top.
Thanks for such a beautiful post and letting us to discuss on it.

Great post.

From birth we have all been taught to follow the common way of life which actually leaves you vulnerable as you are always fighting just to maintain an average life, therefore if you have any downturn in your life you become extremely vulnerable. Almost all successful people became successful doing something out of the ordinary.