Steemitbloggers' Stickfigures Storyboard Contest

in comics •  5 months ago
For this #steemitbloggers contest, we were given the following instructions:

• You are required to choose only one of the scenarios given.
• Briefly Illustrate your story.
• Draw THREE blocks ONLY, Block 1 = beginning, Block 2 = middle, Block 3 = ending.
• MUST be STICKFIGURES Only. No realistic drawings.

• My perfect Date.
• My average working day.
• Me and my three meals a day.
• My night out partying.
• My Thug/Swag life.

Here is my entry, created with pencil & pen on art paper, photographed, and edited with PaintShopPro™ on my laptop.


ThanksForReading.png 😊

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a big hug is due to @enginewitty for designing the following personal banner for me 🤗





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Maybe I should do one

So a great contest..

Lol....what a one beat it...flyingbto moon with steem 👍

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You go girl

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Your stick figures are super cute! And I agree with the content. Haven’t open Fb in ages and starting to feel the moon getting closer ;-)

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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!
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Yup, yup! Ditto here too!

Social media has gone bye-bye for me too- it's all about steemit and Discord now.

@thekittygirl - I like your swag life also as a radio show host. Until next week.


THANK YOU so much! 😊

I like you way of thinking.

Hahaha nice one!!!! Because of steem you can now fly!!!! Soar high kitty! 🙌🏻

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I like that!!
Over the moon 😊