Comic Book Collection: Venom Keys

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Steem prices may be taking a beating along with cryptocurrencies in general, but Steem Fam, our show must go on! Here’s my contribution today to posting against the tides... Venom keys. Following an early cameo, it really all began with the timeless Amazing Spider-Man #300:


No Venom on the cover — so many villains flop that the creators likely felt better going with this now-classic image — but his evil machinations were very much present within the pages. Next, we have ASM #316 with Venom headlining a cover and beating up Spidey (not for the first or last time):


There are a few notable things about my copy. The grade, 8.0, is nothing special for a Copper Age book. But it has the signature of Todd McFarlane, Venom’s creator. Plus a Mark Jewelers insert, meaning it was likely sold near or at a U.S. military base (more literature on this online). Aaand it’s a newsstand variant! Meaning it wasn’t stocked at a local comic book store... I miss the days when you could pick up a comic at a supermarket. Last but not least, here’s our lovable Venom in the first series of his own:


This is an Error variant without the regular red foil cover. But moreover, it’s a newsstand Error variant. Word on the street is that two or three such copies exist in the world. Pretty cool!

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I've got the first two. Not with signature and ratings of course.
Very cool stuff. :)

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Cool stuff! Really enjoy what you've been doing on Steem!

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Likewise sir, followed + keep up the good work with Partiko!

Some tasty deliciousness there my friend. Always love seeing any of the various Venom #1 "errors" or whatever folks call em. MJ inserts are always a fun find as well. We rarely get em in the shop in collections.

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Full of entertainment and worth of time as your post remind me of my early times. Keep up the good work and keep flowing with your passion


Much thanks : )


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At least the cover in the middle we also got on german issues, i guess. first one i've never seen before. For the last one i'am not so sure, but i think i've seen it here on a german edition, but it is not in my comic-book-collection??? HMMM?? Damn!