Stalking A Few Good Geeks. The Steem Comic Convention Creeps Back to Life.

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Ever feel like you're being followed? Well, if you're active in the geekier circles of the Steem universe, you just might be!

Thanks to a friendly nudge by @fknmayhem in the comments of a recent post, the Steem Comic Convention is trying to get back into action a bit.

There are several small initiatives in mind, but this one is the easiest to start testing out.

Supporting Community Curation

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 7.46.44 PM.png

Utilizing a 1000SP delegation from Con Founder (or is that confounder?) @bryan-imhoff (That's me! I'm writing this article in a pseudo third person! Weird!) and the voting tools found in the AutoSteem interface (!/home) the Steem Comic Convention is now "vote shadowing" its first group of hand picked curators.

@cryplectibles, @blewitt, and @steven.nam are all very active in the comics and geek communities. Currently they should each find themselves with a vote trailing behind them from the Steem Comic Convention that provides them with an extra 250SP or so of voting power.

This approach was chosen over outright delegation to make swaps of curators easier and instant (vs. the week delay for the revoking of delegations) and allow the Steem Comic Convention to earn curation rewards to help grow this and other initiatives.

Each of these curators should still earn at least a small bump to their own curation rewards from the trailing vote, and also enjoy the ability to direct more rewards to the authors and content that they discover and favor.

There'll be further announcements once this system is fine tuned and tested over a longer period than just the last couple hours, with information also being presented on some of the other initiatives in mind, and just how this @steem-comic-con account is planned for use in the future.

Until then, just keep doing what you're doing gentlemen, and try not to mind the stalking, you've been doing the geek community proud!

-Steem Comic Convention

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I have been on Steemit far too long and know way too much geeky shit to truly still not understand fully what your post is saying other than this is the start to what Elon Musk speaks on.

Edit 1 Glad to see this account kicked back on! Just noticed this wasn't the main "I'm Hoff" account.

Edit 2 I am an idiot because obviously the whole post is about the @steem-comic-con but I just know who is behind it, same when I see @exploreunlimited which you should keep up with too. Just keep giving yourself more and more work! lol ;)


I too don't get it, but just know the concept of @steem-comic-con.


Lol. I’m kinda in the same boat in not computing what was happening. I’m also in need of sleep badly and also kinda slow on the uptake here. So basically you piggy back on what we find. Word! Sounds good to me! Lol. Anything to help this specific community grow! I’m trying to finagle some very creative folks who could add a ton into coming here. Not an easy job but I think I’ll succeed with a few. I’ll let u know when I get em on as I think they will be valuable assets to the community.


Lol, in a nutshell, you’ve just got a Steem Comic Con vote following your votes right now so that I can lazily crowdsource some curation efforts and spread rewards around the comics community more effectively! I figured you’d notice it pretty fast so I might as well explain it a bit!

Haha cool man, I dig the initiative. Been doing my part to nominate almost 100% comics tag material daily in OCD. We have a solid community growing here

Glad to see you're active again! I think one of us "old-timers" should write a post with advice for new webcomics creators who join Steemit. Just an idea!


Great idea, some original articles and content are most certainly on the "wish list." That's a great suggestion!

Excellent news.

Time to get my act together as well and publish more comic related stuff.

Thanks for the indirect nudge and mention. 👊

Holy geez, it’s an honor !! And it’s ON 🙏🙏

I just wanna say thank you for delegating to @cryplectibles and @steven.nam who upvoted and commented on a recent post of mine. I'm fairly new to steemit and really appreciated this support and they are doing a great job. Regards!


You are very welcome, but make no mistake, most of the voting power of those gentlemen is their own! I'm glad to piggyback on their eyes for great content and add a little extra kicker. Hopefully it will grow over time!

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Whoaaaa, why don't I remember following you? :D Nice.

Haven't written anything artsy yet, the last geeky post I did was abt the last few Marvel movies. Haha. Well now I shall write about them soon.

I'm trying to post in the comics tab a bit more these days, it seems to be doing really well lately!

This is a really great way to promote quality content from a specific niche, and I'm happy to see it happening.