Never heard this time, was off searching and one of the first results I enjoy the happier koala lollipop view of all this lol

Yeah, you managed to turn up the dark end first! I'll go back to a bit of wikipedia quoting on this one!

Such a realization or encounter with the absurd leaves the individual with a choice: suicide, a leap of faith, or recognition. He (Camus) concludes that recognition is the only defensible option.
Camus considers the leap of faith as "philosophical suicide," rejecting both this and physical suicide.

The leap of faith is the most confusing option, as it embraces absurdism, but to no productive endpoint. Hence why I think Camus would fully support my "Curlyism" City Slickers philosophy!

This reminds me of this hilarious music video I found today

That was thoroughly enjoyable. At first I wasn't seeing much connection, but when the nihilistic choruses kicked in I felt right at home!

Haha yeah the absurdity of life is akin to a cute foreign animal being run over by a candy truck