Toy photography #2 Juggernaut and Onslaught

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My action figure collection has been steadily growing this year, two of my favorites I have gotten recently were random gifts from my boss/long time friend. I'd like to show you guys some of the pictures I've taken featuring these two.

First he gave me an older Toybiz Marvel Legend Build-a-figure Onslaught. Man ... Hasbro just doesn't make BAF's like Toybiz used to.. The sculpt and paint applications on this guy are just phenomenal. Not to mention the MASSIVENESS of it!

Onslaught has a confusing origin, and various "forms" (This isn't even his final form) but I prefer this BAF waaaaay more than the Red Onslaught (final form) I mean I can't even count the amount of articulation this bulky figure has. His head spins 360 as do each of those round neck pieces. He has finger articulation so I can make him flip you off. Not only does he have knee articulation... but he has two freaking knees.
Most X-men pair well with him considering he is primarily an x-men villain. Below is Wolverine aiming to take out omega red with Onslaught in the back.... waiting.... watching

I'm the JUGGERNAUT B#$%@

Next we have this amazing. Marvel Select Juggernaut. He has been on my want list for a while, and I have been working out which Juggernaut figure I like best. There is a more articulated, more popular, and more expensive Build-a-Figure... but I just didn't want to shell out that kind of money for a figure that has a little more articulation. This Select Juggernaut usually goes for about $25-$30... about half what the other goes for. He is bigger, has WAY better paint applications, and I like the sculpt much more as well. Mainly I collect Marvel legends, but when it comes to BIG characters... Select usually knocks it out of the park. I also have a Groot figure from them who I got from @blewitt and this Groot figure stands taller than all the other comparable Groots in the same scale. I don't have a ton of posing shots with Juggernaut, because honestly the only one who can 1 on 1 him decently is Colossus.

Also because he is a HUGE select figure that has some weight to it ... He is one of the few figures I will let any of my kids play with. My daughter honestly loves him almost more than I do. I have a feeling she may be the action figure lover in the bunch... a few months ago she carried around a M.O.D.O.K. figure that I got from @erodedthoughts ... If you know who M.O.D.O.K. is.... you will know how disturbing that is hahaha
For those of you that don't know...
Only for

#check out my last toy post here!


Oooh, I've never come across Onslaught before. He looks like a bad ass mofo. I need to check him out a bit. As for MODOK... past my grade eh. Until next time, Salute!

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