Toy photography with diorama

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Been having fun lately playing with my toys and working on my posing/photography. I got my first 1:12 scale diorama too! It was a bit expensive, but was custom made, and perfect scale for 6 inch figures.

This was one of the first shots I took with my new diorama and it works out perfect. This is my vintage spiderman with my Toxin Symbiote I got from @blewitt, I added some pose able tendrils because EVERY symbiote needs extra tendrils. However I had a hard time trying to capture the frame I was looking for without making it look like spidey was trying to grab his junk...

Second use of diorama was with my custom Punisher with the recent custom head I painted for him. He looks right at home. Ready to punish.

I need to recreate this picture with the new diorama, it would bring it to the next level I think.

What characters do you think would work well in the diorama? let me know!


Just let spidey grab his junk, it's not gay!

Lmao. How do you have this so readily available hahahah

Woah woah woah, hey now. His comment was from four days ago!

It took me four whole days to draw and animate it.

Lol. Im impressed then. I withdraw my statement

Is it okay to comment just to say great work just because I simply love your work or does it sound like spam? : D

The first looks realish if there is such a word. I don't know why the last one seems so hilarious to me, lol.

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