I let my kids play with my toys

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Even the expensive ones. The grails if you will. This figure for example is the rhino Build-a-Figure. Sometimes parts can be difficult to come across... this for example... The right arm typically sells for around $50... the left leg... $30ish. And that is only if you can find someone who will sell it to you.

HINT: you can't

Luckily, I continue to have some of the most generous and awesome friends on the face of the planet. This rhino was given to me complete for my birthday by one of my best friends/my boss at work. Although it was free, I truly value the scarcity of this figure.

All that being said...

My kids hearts will always be more valuable. The relationship I have with them is priceless. There is no valuable thing they could destroy that would make me compromise that. I see comments all the time from collectors of all kinds who are so paralyzed with fear that someone will happen to their stuff. At the end of the day... toys... comics... cards are meant to be enjoyed. If they enjoyed themselves while ruining something on accident so be it.


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I could not agree more! If you and your kids can not enjoy your toys what the hell is the point.

Side note, is this the figure I have been texting you pictures of from every Wal-mart I stop at?

LOL. No. He is a build a figure, which means you have to buy about 6 figures to make him. They all come with a specific part... This one is worth $100+ and you wouldn't find him "whole" in a normal store haha

No, I meant is he the one you've been trying to put together or am I still looking for the last two pieces to the one you want.

Oh. Nope i got that completed. IMG-20180927-WA0020.jpeg

Alright, text me who is next. I have a girl at wal-mart now

What is that batmanhulk ? bulk ? Oh wait its a rhino I suck at marvel

That is such a beautiful tip about parenting !good job @saywha

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