The Enceladus Anomaly - Other Characters: Ekua Conteh.

in comics •  14 days ago 

Ekua Conteh1.jpg

Ekua Conteh, 3rd machine officer specialized in the electromechanical maintenance of spaceships. Crew member of the Táwros II.


Ekua Conteh2.jpg

Ekua Conteh.jpg

Barra 1.jpg

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Welcome to Steem @pepoarte! We need more people like you on here and I am really glad you decided to join! We have really awesome community of artists here on Steem who keep supporting each other!

@kommienezuspadt from time to time organizes awesome contests that are often comic related and really great fun so maybe look out for those!

You seem like a perfect fit for this place and hope to see more from you in future. With your portfolio I am sure you have a lot to say about comics and their creation process, and many could learn a lot from you too! Ah so cool!

Thank you M31! I hope so... This is very new for me :)

it's got some serious mass-effect feel to it <3 ... in better days i collected comics but mostly french artists like froideval / tacito or otherwise pat mills/ simon bisley and definitely Don Lawrence heh .. definitely !! great work

goldmanmorgan-approved too

but he and i are all just people in my head (and sorry i didnt get to the YAY!- expression yet, rendering costs hella-time)

keep on comin' ... if it doesnt get dollar, it gets free exposure, which is what one always wants, right ?

Thanks Goldmanmorgan! :)

You actually plan to publish the comic here ?

You mean in steemit? I'll show a lot of stuff, designs, panels, process, etc... but this comic-book is intend to be publish by crowdfunding :)

o, woaw ... like patreon and stuff ? well, best of luck then, the characters sure look good !!!!! the exposure is always better when more yea, everyone here should be happy to have you ... looking forward to more then !!

Well, it will be more like Indiegogo or Kickstarter... And yes, the more exposure the more possibilities of interest and success! :D

Very nice character design!

Thank you Cynetyc! :)


Nice drawings. Welcome to STEEM.

Thanks Justtryme90! :)

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Amazing stuff!

Shared it on Reddit

Thanks Acidyo! :)

Cool pictures! I also had a look at your website and see that you have a blog where you post your content. Not sure if you're familiar with it already, but there's a WordPress plugin called steempress that let you post your content to Steem from your blog while also bringing the engagement you get on Steem back to your blog.

Would be curious to hear if you would be interested in trying it out. Would be happy to support your great work that way :)

and welcome to Steem!

Thank you Fredrikaa! Very interesting... I'll bare in mind :)

Excelente trabajo. Se nota el gran talento que hay detrás.

Gracias por tus amables palabras Julián :)

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Nice job! Congratulations on your work.

Thank you Wnantesr! :)


Amazing, you doing a detail picture so nice.

Thank you Munadikiehl! :)

You are a great designer sir....

Thank you Boishaki! You are very kind :)

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Excellent work, amazing desings.

Thank you Team-Mexico! Muchas gracias! :)

It was a nice collection. I'm really impressed

Thank you Bestwatches! :)

pretty cute character

Thank you Daio! :)

I am new to this community and I just discovered your channel, it seems like an art overflow: 3 I see that I will be a follower of yours and I hope to learn from you in this new social network. A hug and keep up the successes.

Gracias Chris94! Yo también soy nuevo en esta plataforma, y ya veo que hay muchas cosas que tengo que aprender :) Gracias por unirte a la tripulación! :)

Genial, se ve super. Sigo pensando algun dia poser lograr hacer mi propio comic, saludos.

Gracias Shimozurdo! En el cómic, como en todas las demás cosas, es cuestión de empezar a proponérselo :)

Congratulations @pepoarte!
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  ·  14 days ago Reveal Comment

I was thinking the same thing. It makes you wonder what's going on in the office if this is seen as important enough to tell everyone.

Just let it be. It's good they'll feature talent from time to time and I've seen music featured as well.

I can't dispute the quality of the work but steemit isn't really a comic platform. It may be of interest to some but I haven't looked at a comic since I was 13.

It seems steemit has moved from a beta interface to a working implementation of exactly the same thing with ads everywhere. I had delusions that the interface might have been upgraded to something more user friendly and functional before it migrated out of beta status.

Have we had any news on the SMT front lately?

I've been producing art, some of that art could easily sit inside of a comic. I've been presenting it here for nearly three years.

What you like, doesn't matter. Turning an art post into a place to complain about the platform makes very little to no sense whatsoever.

So to answer your question, yes, we have, so go there and talk about it and please stop being disrespectful here.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Maybe check who the author is, introduction post/post history? :)


The new user acquisition rate is now so low, every new user can be featured.

Why is this one soo special?

Something something.. Newsteem ?

Also wondering about the same, but no reason to do the author the disservice of having this comment high on their post.

Apologies if the flag felt unfair.

My comment was directed to not the author.
We have many good authors and artists on platform.
My experience so far is that the more famous author the fastest he or she leaves. And until now I didn't see any of them to buy a single steem. All freebies.
Somehow I would expect from a prominent person like you to properly use a downvote.
Disagreement with one's stance shouldn't be the reason for downvote.
I have no time or will to discuss any further so you don't bother answering.

I understand and agree with the first part. It was my first instinct to write that question too. Hence why I upvoted your most recent post at the same time as I had no intention or desire to affect rewards.

There aren't really any "proper" way to downvote. But imo one way that should be more normalized is to simply be active in expressing one's opinion on the order in which both content and comments should be sorted. That is the idea of proof of brain that I've got and that was most often communicated by STINC and Ned when I got here (although that idea seems rather lost these days).

Anyways, I know you don't want a discussion, but I would be curious to hear if you do believe Downvotes can or will ever be less stigmatized with HF21, and used in the way I described without it just causing frustration?

My comment was directed to not the author.
We have many good authors and artists on platform.
My experience so far is that the more famous author the fastest he or she leaves. And until now I didn't see any of them to buy a single steem. All freebies.
Somehow I would expect from a prominent person like you to properly use a downvote.
Disagreement with one's stance shouldn't be the reason for downvote.
I have no time or will to discuss any further so you don't bother answering.

It was just a simple question and eight other people with upvoting are asking the same.
I personally have no problems with someone downvoting my post or comment.
Who we are to judge.
But after HF21 with free downvotes, I'm expecting a big mess.
,,Pay me 5 steem and I'll downvote your enemies'' kind of mess.

From what I understand he is a well-known Spanish comic book artist and is publishing a book on Steem. My guess it was done to showcase and raise exposure to quality content.

You can check out the quick trailer on YouTube of the book.

Looking over his first post he seems to be pretty badass.

"I've worked on series like "CSI MIAMI Smoking Gun", written by Jeff Mariotte, "2 to the Chest", written by James Hudnall, "Monarch of Manhattan", written by Edward C. Sellner, "Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons - The Great Hunt" written by Elaine Cunningham, etc… My first lonely work was "Desde la Oscuridad", a compilation about my horror short stories published in "Cthulhu" magazine. I've also been working as inker for american publishers like DC Cómics, IDW, etc…"

I know nothing more than you other than this observation.

Ugh can you just let me complain about Steemit's front-end that they are forcing me to use?!

well, i agree with this actually, if that is the actual reason, its pretty nice to see something pinned that's not steemitblog for once :D and this is certainly good stuff ... let the haters hate ...

Im not sure what's on the cap though ? are they trying to push the price down to TRON level, hoping to that marketcap b/c that will in essence void the value of the actual steem"it" platform down to zip for the bulk of users but thats #offtopic here and im really not in talk mode, anyway, gud i think this post is good to be featured


ignore the critics @pepoarte, its usually the same people making the same complaints heh, but it IS true creative content is highly undervalued, its just a bonus for exposure IF you can reach the right people ... mostly

#steemit 's pick-of-the-week , steemits featured artist of the week ? maybe i.o. of labelling it in with the pinned posts to take the wind out of the critics and the haters lol. Problem is, you can't pick after the week, you gotta pick on day one, which means you might be sorry by the next day b/c there's another post you would have liked there.
I think it's good steemit itself promotes creative content. You could do a community poll to feature someone or have them delegated to for a month but you can be sure if you do that then it's handshake-politics that will decide who gets it, someone budding and newbies don't have here. And if you don't you'll get the critics claiming bias ... you can't please everyone

i think this is in the right place, but maybe with the wrong little green label (of all people you lot should know how appearances and magic words influence outhere)