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The Cathedral - Page 82 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Introduction to this weeks page

Well... it is a quarter to 12 and I only just made it on a Thursday as is the custom. There can be said a lot of things about the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool, but as I am completely exhausted I will just say this: it was was constructed between 1904 and 1978 - quite an anachronism with its Gothic design. It is also the largest church in England and nothing less than the fifth-largest cathedral in the world. I decided that it should be part of the comic when I saw this impressive water colour from 1910.

It is the architects vision for a redesign of an original idea with twin towers. The model Phill and Morty are looking at is a model og this original design.

Happy reading.


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So much detail and work, this is coming along @katharsisdrill . I love churches and whenever I'm in UK I visit as many as I can, and attend them too, I tell people I'm a 'social Christian' as my ancestry is all Christian so for me it's like the zen moment of visiting temples to sit in 500 year old and older churches and think of all who have come before me.

That is an impressive church :O So big and imposing! I love that watercolour picture of it, and I certainly love how it looks like in your comic, too <3

It is enormous. I hope to get to see it one day. Now that I have used all this time researching it I feel I know it a little.

'There are no living things here.. except humans'. .. LOL, made me laugh.

I like liver, and I frequently go to the pool, but I never been to Liverpool - I'll put it on my bucket list (which btw is getting longer and longer, so I have to live until I am 135 years old!)

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