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The Phillowship - Page 76 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

Previous page: Phill from GCHQ - page 75 - Yuletide

Introduction to this weeks page

It has been far to long a hiatus this time, but Phill is back. This week's page is best understood if you know a bit about the works of J.R.R Tolkien - but I guess most of you do. According to this we have only reached Rivendell (which seems to be Raven's house) and are now ready to go on the real journey! I am not sure the analogy will keep up. Mary the car will return, and as you can see in the last frame the US intelligence services will return too - with a new character!

Happy reading.


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The procrastination ends! Yay!

Proof of Reading:
The Dark Lord watches  or The Dark Lords watch
In the following days, Phill and his friends prepare ... (I think). Over the next few days sounds nice too.
And Morty sets off ...

Thanks, mate! It's a great help.

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Yay! So happy to see the story's moving on again. I already started to miss it :-)

Hilarious idea with the spy-ring followship and to provide the Ozzy ego of Phill. Way time for me to catch up on the Yuletide-page translation.

Yes, I started to miss it too, but I have had so much to do, and it takes some peace and concentration.

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I read LotR when I was 16, a long time ago... but am quite sure Ozzy didn't make an appearance... LoL...

He did write and sing The Wizard with Black Sabbath ...

I'm sure Ozzy didn't have mini tentacles growing out of his head either.

If those are just supposed to be unruly strands of hair, you may have insulted the artist 😎.

He knows I'm a fan of his work :)

And I'm notoriously hard to insult. I get sad... I cry a bit... sulk... but I am almost never insulted.

Phill is back I see @katharsisdrill . Someone has been busy eh?

The plot thickens...

I thought Phill looked a but like the Austin Powers actor but after reading the Ozzy comparison I could only see that :)

another gem - and the plot thickens!
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Yay Phill is on the move.....

I do not like comics, in my country(Indonesia) the comic it is the name of cough medicine ..😂

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