Phill from GCHQ - page 58 - The stone and the map

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The stone and the map - Page 58 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

Introduction to this weeks page

We are still in the flashback that started on page 56, but this time we hear the voice of Eleanor as she tells her story to Eileen - so it is a story within a story within a story - maybe a bit too complex for a simple comics, but the story seems to evolve without me having to interfere, so I just tag along. Not without doubts of course.

Not many things to write notes about this time. Maybe @shortcut can find something :)

If you press the image you can see the larger image from the website

Happy reading.


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Great page again. I like the armadillo nightmare. I'm wondering, if we saw Thwyll's balls before. I remember, that he wore some shiny armour in the past. And who tf is Aunt Hilly? Hopefully not an Aunt Sally.


On page 3 we can see how that shining armour is designed. Good ventilation to the lower body.

Aunt Hilly? I have not even a face on her. She's just the reason the Girl from Northumberland was in Cheltenham.

How do you do your shading line work?
I assume its in Krita.

Specifically her upper chest (goddess in the center) the dash dash dash.
Is it a Krita standard pen, or do you use tiny strokes? Or what?


I use a set of pens designed by one of the developers with the fine name Wolthera. She made an inking set early on. Must be at least two years because I have used it since the beginning of the comic.

I think this is it:

The dots on the breast was originally made with vertical lines as I thought it was to dark I then made lines with the eraser. I normally only do this if it is done all over the drawing, but here I settled with it as there was so many different kinds of hatching at the same time.


Ahhh! The eraser! It all makes sense now.
But, i am sure i could program a pen that skips on light pressure.

I will go check out Wolthera's pens. Thanks


With the stone in the middle I did the dot-hatching - it was done with the same inking brush as the rest. I would like to create a dotting tool.


Great stuff again. Not just the centre piece, but also the four little hints you give in the top bit of "windy".

As for the story, it's not always easy to follow because of the time lapses, so I saved all the older pages to look at before looking at the new one. Works for me.


I made it into a pdf for a guy who wanted to do the proofreading of the first part. It is possible to take all the pages from the website.

I like it when you mix it up a bit. I'm going to have to read the whole thing again some time to pick up all the connections.


I kind of think on Dickens who wrote all over the place and made it up as he went along. He still wrote entertaining and I love reading his works, so if this can be entertaining and interesting I just presume it is OK.


I'm impressed you manage to put all this together so well. Much respect


Thanks, mate!

Amazing artwork. I especially like the dark and bright fields, and the balance with the graduated in-betweens. And the symbols rock. If I wasn't broke, I'd answer to your request for sure :)


Glad you like it. I have made it creative commons so everybody can read it regardless of broke or not broke.

It is getting more interesting @katharsisdrill..:)

Really like the inking on this one!


Thanks. I allow myself to try out all kinds of inkling styles on Phill.

Good graphic style! Precisely, clearly, accurately, easily. I understand that you know about the merits of your talent, but then I'll just tell you that I will wait for your new illustrations :)

What an idea!!!
So cool!!

A great page excellent anchor line how do you work? Good job, congratulations, friend