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Yesterday was a special day - I finished the last page of what is to become the first album of my comic about Phill from GCHQ. As I was slightly dissy from all that concentrated drawing I suddenly had a harsh revelation. My comic has developed into Peter Paper! Peter Paper, which In Danish was Casanova Johnny and in France, Sam Bot, is an Italian soft-porn comics from the seventies about a young skinny man with glasses and a curly, black hair... Take a look:

Yes, stupid, but also wonderfully innocent compared to our puritan times

He is always chased by beautiful women because of something magnificent that is hidden in his trousers (we never get to see it). He has to perform all kinds of services for the wanton women before he can can do what he really wants - which is to eat. The poor guy never really gets that much food though, the line of women are simply to long.

The reason Peter Paper is so desired is never really shown... but we can take a hint can't we?

If you read this page in my comic the similarities are striking... A beautiful woman and a reluctant man... Peter Paper even looks like a young version of my protagonist Phill Philby.

Well, I hope that this lecture from the Copenhagen Comics College was of more interest to @jpgaltmiller - who seems to be the king of sleaze when he is not constructing Platonic dialogues for his Socrates-comic (go see his Lesbian Zombie comic).

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Ha! No one's ever called me the king of anything before. Thanks for the shout-out! I had not heard of Peter Paper, but it looks like a lot of fun. And I love the art of that one panel - simple but effective.

It's always entertaining when you flip expectations: here's a guy who can get all the beautiful women he wants - something most men would kill for - and all he really wants is to get a bite to eat, and the sex actually gets in the way of that.

I'd say that Ace - the hero of Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space - is a descendant of this theme and character as well. Unfortunately, he's stuck in a horror comedy, so his initial eagerness is dampened when he learns that the hot women propositioning him are man-eating monsters...

I'm going to have to sit down and go through Phill from GCHQ when I have a good chunk of time!


Yes, it is fun in its own silly way. The Italian way is mostly to let pleasant things be pleasant, and the US way is, and very much so in horror, to punish the immoral :)

I actually always wanted to let the teen couple that make out in the beginning of the slasher movie survive and then let the boring college virgins die (Sorry, Jamie!) It seems you are actually doing that with Ace and his companion... ?

I am looking forward to follow the pages as the emerge here on Steemit.


I don't want to give too much away, but this idea of virginity being special will play a role in the story (though quite a bit later). For me, I see it as teen comedy meets horror. In a teen comedy, the idea/goal is generally to get the virgin laid. In horror (especially slashers) the idea is that virginity preserves a kind of purity which allows the defeat of the monster. I had both of these tropes in my mind while writing. :)


Looking forward to it, for sure! Happen what may.

Never seen this here in Greece, too. But I remember several other titles on the shelves or hanging at kiosks. As youngsters we pretended to look at newspapers but our eyes were on the covers of those soft-porn comics; the more bold dared to pilfer one or two, and we all ran to a safe place to read it! On hindsight, I think those were sweet innocent times indeed, in contrast to the current situation, with porn is so widely available, always just one-click-away on your PC, and not innocent at all.

Anyway, about Phill, it happens many times to look back on something you made and recognize the obvious influences; although while creating you don't have anything specific in mind, the influences exist unconsciously. I find it very fascinating, and not bad at all.


We were surrounded with high quality pornographic comics - we had real photo-pornography at every grocery store and that was what we stole glances at, but at the same time a lot of people, hippies or semi-hippies in the late seventies and early eighties, had collections of comics, and when the grown-ups had parties we could be lucky that there was a comic collection that was allowed for children. Denmark only had one State-monopoly TV-station and we were hungry for everything that could entertain our voracious appetite for the fantastic ( I read Philip K.Dick in an early age because I found him in the Library's tiny Sci-fi collection). So we got to read Guido Crepax, Robert Crumb, Vaugn Bodé, Richard Corben and later Manara. That was why when I read Peter Paper I did not really find it exiting in comparison.

On the other hand... At about the age of 20 I went to Italy and lived in Florence for a while and the culture with small soft-core comics still existed then (late eighties early nineties.) I had to learn Italian and comics was a good way to learn... I speak lousy Italian... I can order food and basic civilities, but... I know many words that are not fitting for polite conversation. So somehow I have this nostalgic feeling for the Italian and Spanish adult comic industry.

And yes, it is a funny thing where ideas come from. I have used so many years as an artist to probe myself so realising things like the Peter Paper inspiration comes rather readily.

Hahaha! That's pretty awesome. Reminds me of a scene from Game of Thrones (it might not be your cup of tea, so I apologize in advance) where one of the characters was rewarded with a visit to the brothel but they didn't make him pay because they enjoyed him so much! He does look like a younger version of Phill!


Do you mean that I could be offended by Game of thrones as a concept or just the randiness of the brothel situation? Well, I read the books but only saw the first season (Now you have to see the series if you'll like to see the end because Martin is old and consumes to much butter and milkshakes (at least according to my little brother)) - and if you read the extremely long comment i wrote to @nyarlathotep you'll see that I read advanced pornography already as a pre-teen so that is very much my cup of tea...

As for the old story about prostitutes that gives something away for free I actually know for sure one that has done like the GoT brothel did, and also heard a story from a reasonably trustworthy source, very unprofessional, but not really any different than an artist who gives away his art, which I have a bad tendency to do.

It is uncanny how much my fine sober comic looks like this charming Italian trash :)


Excellent point. I had forgotten about that.

I'd not heard of that one. It shows how much of porn is in the imagination.


I am not even sure it was ever published in English. I couldn't find anything about it. The French has a wikipedia-page and the creator is mentioned on an Italian wikipedia-page, but does not have one of his own.

The reason I know it is that it had its own magazine in Denmark... we are the country that were the first to remove censorship on pronography... but for that exact reason the comic about Peter Paper (or Casanova Johnny) did not really have that much to offer when it came to pornography. It had to compete with much less subtle publications. But it was funny in its own silly way.

and whats the magnificent something?


Well... it is the thing the girl is looking at? Still don't have a clue :)


Lols 😂

if the story happened in real life, make my personal life, of course I have to run, because I personally shy.

cool post...