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in comics •  5 months ago

Oh Snap. Look what I just ordered. Or Perhaps I should say Oh Pop.

And by the little custom graphic I put together, I'm assuming you'll be able to guess just what I'll be attempting...


As if I didn't have enough projects to tackle as is... I've suddenly developed a craving to create custom Funko Pops of the cast of my comic-to-be, "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."

Although I've seen Funko Pops literally everywhere, I've only recently begun to learn more about the vast world that has evolved around them. Much of that has come from some enthusiasts on Steemit, and it was followed up heavily by visiting @blewitt's shop Conquest Comics which has a massive stock of Pops, a Funko Pop claw machine, and has sold some of the rarest and most expensive Pops in existence! What just pushed me over the edge was seeing some posts by @cutthruyou like this one, featuring his work creating custom Funko Pop figures of comic characters such as Evil Ernie and Lady Death! I honestly didn't even know Funko sold "DIY" figures... but here they are and I'm excited!

This first set will be just for me... but if they go well perhaps I'll make more! I imagine these would make great sales pieces at comic conventions, or perhaps a fun reward tier item for my Fundition crowdfunding campaign! Naturally they would be quite limited due to the hand crafted nature of each piece.

When these pieces arrive and I finally tackle them, I'll be sure to share some process and the finished pieces! I hope some of you Funatics out there may get a kick out of it. I'm pretty sure I will.


-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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It sounds like a brilliant idea! Can't wait for the pictures. Don't put too much on yourself though.


Oh, this’ll actually be fun to do! I’m looking forward to it. I’ll just feel a bit guilty doing side stuff like this when the comic itself isn’t even a reality yet!


That's life. Side projects are always fun and give you energy and inspiration for the main project.


Have fun and enjoy. Want to see what you can do!!!

My son collects those. I'm amazed at the variety you can get.


It’s ridiculous. We have over 2500 different ones in our shop and that is just a drop in the bucket compared to their catalogue. Nuts!!!


It is insane. Soon it’ll be harder to find something from pop culture without a Funko Pop than with.

Oooh Interesting! I didn't know either that they made blank pop figures.

I did make an attempt at sculpting my character but I used Fimo doe. Didn't turn out exactly as planned...

I gave it away for a contest (With huge shipping costs). Might try that again later on. It was a fun experiment!


Also my favourite pop!
Titans of course...


Nice! I still need to do a bit more research and order my materials (sculpting & painting) to bring these to life.

Good to gear. I hope you have as much fun as i do making these. Excited to see the progress shots


I will show them for sure! Still gotta round up my crafting supplies, but I’ve got some time before these arrive!


How long does it take you on average to do a custom?


About a day or two. Depends on if the wife finds other things for me to do.

Nice to hear you are up to something new!

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I just found out that these types of figures exist, they are very nice.
I am eager to see how the final result will look @bryan-imhoff 😊😍