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3D Storyboarding Is Like Action Figures for "Adults"

I put adults in quotations, because aside from the societal definition based on chronological age... I don't really classify myself as one!

It's hard for me to believe that it's been over a week since my last "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." Update! I'll try to do a better job of giving all you comic book aficionados and supporters more "voting targets" with which to earn some great rewards and my undying gratitude! Tonight I'll just be showing a bit of continued layout work to continue my sneak peeks behind the scenes of the making of a comic book.

In the above image, I just finished a rough layout or storyboard of page #17 on the right. The facing page #16 was planned out a while ago and has been previously shown, but together they comprise one 2 page "spread" of the comic. I utilize the Clip Studio Paint software which has some great inbuilt 3d model abilities. Utilizing these tools I'm able to plan the action of the story in a way that also helps me solve proportion and perspective issues that can be the bane of any comic artist or illustrator's existence. I do not consider myself to be a naturally talented draftsman, so I'm happy to use all of the tools and references I have at my disposal to achieve the results that I want.

In my last post I gave a glimpse at the thumbnailing page that I use to plan my pages and then keep track of their progress. A quick zoomed in screen capture provides a perhaps interesting look at these same pages at different states of production.

As you can see, I'd already moved on to illustrating page #16, using the 3D layout as a reference and guide. Page #17 however, existed as a bit of scribbling... just enough to denote panel breakdowns and basic figure positioning. It may not look like much, but when you compare it to the 3D layout page that evolved from it, the thought process is actually pretty linear and clear I hope!

In the sequence depicted, Sarah and Julie have just come upon Dave... who is currently on the wrong side of an ass kicking. Page #17 panel 3, conveys Julie's "Don't worry, I got this..." moment prior to advancing into the bloody melee ahead!

I'm eager to work my way through the remainder of layout planning for issue #1, and on into issue #2. I actually have based most of my characters off of friends, and in the weeks to come I hope to get together with these sources of inspiration and perhaps shoot a bit of photo reference to really push my drawings over the top and make the best possible comic. Having a working storyboard to plan shots off of would be invaluable to get the most out of these meet ups so layouts will be a big push over the next couple weeks.

September will also be very busy as I may actually have the opportunity to attend a couple different comic conventions! These are great for making connections, refueling my enthusiasm, and scouting out possibilities for me to exhibit and launch "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." in 2019. I will most certainly provide some looks and reports of the fun and business to be had at the cons should they come to fruition!

Through this all the Fundition Campaign remains a top priority and it is going wonderfully so far... thanks to people like you! How do I know that? You're reading this aren't you? Ha. Gotcha. So let's take a look at the progress...

This post is the 4th "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."Fundition Campaign Update! As of this writing the campaign has been running for 21 days, and achieved 2.65% of its basic funding goal. After we inevitably reach the first goal, stretch goals are already in place to follow! As always, for full information on the campaign you can visit the Official Fundition Page and also find updates and further content on the official site www.ithoughtitwouldbezombies.com. At the Fundition page, supporters can have a look at their own level of support on a regular basis, but I also like to say thanks and give a shout out to the project supporters in these progress posts.

How does Fundition work? It couldn't be more simple... if you're upvoting this post, you're already participating in the funding campaign and may earn some rewards. Period.


B-Class Flare Tier

@la-fumettista, @drwatson, and @preparedwombat have all achieved the "B-Class" tier which represents $10 USD of contributed value, and will receive both a digital and printed copy of issue #1! That's 3 copies already "pre-sold!" Each and every one is a heartwarming and massive victory for me and "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."

A-Class Flare Tier

@kommienezuspadt and @cryplectibles have already guaranteed themselves a free digital edition with more than $3 USD of support, and are both very close to the next tier to earn a physical copy as well!

Many more supporters are accruing value with their votes, and with consistent support will make their way into some fun campaign rewards in the weeks and months to come! A big thanks to everyone who is donating and supporting with each and every vote and donation of Steem.

Plus, as I detailed the policy in my first campaign update, contributions accruing from voting entities such as @steempress-io and @fundition itself are already guaranteeing donations of comics and original art will be made to charities like the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Hero Initiative, to help promote both the comic itself, and the wonderful projects of the Steem blockchain.

A big thank you as always for reading this post and taking the time to check out my little "comic to be." I hope it is intriguing and exciting you for more. Have a great one! It's back to playing with dolls... errr, I mean, serious work... for me.


-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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I've always wondered how these graphics are done. I've been trying to learn photoshop on my own but it's coming too slowly.

This is the first time I'm seeing your work, guess I need to go back a bit to understand fully.


All these programs are certainly complex and it takes a lot of playing around to get your bearings! I’ve only scratched the surface of learning software like Clip Studio, Photoshop, and Procreate. I spent most of this year playing with different tools and workflows, and I still wouldn’t say I’m fully settled into my work routine or software choices!
Glad you found me and find the project intriguing! My blog certainly has a lot of random info and updates regarding ”I Thought It Would Be Zombies...” sprinkled throughout the past couple years. I should probably put together a mega compilation update post at some point!

Back in college, I would force my friends to model for me for all crazy sorts of panels. I've kept the photos on my phone b/c it gives me a good laugh to look back at what I put them through. But Clip Studio seems like a really awesome tool/research for figuring out poses.


I do this often as well. To have such a software to set figures would be amazing. I even use my doll house to set up situations sometimes to get perspective for rooms and things for paintings. |I'll have to check out this software.


I was using Clip Studio for years before I even started making use of the 3D models for references. Long before that I enjoyed it for drawing digitally simply because it had one of the best inking brush engines around. I've played around with adding apps like Procreate into my workflow as I really enjoy it too... but with Clip Studio I can do absolutely everything in one art software package, which is pretty appealing.


I’m planning on forcing my friends into shooting photo refs, but primarily for good facial expressions! I’d like to be better at inventing my figures from imagination, but Clip Studio can be so darn helpful at getting all my foreshortening, eye level lines, & multiple figures blocked out correctly... I love it. I’ll also just keep nudging figures & camera angles to find clearer silhouettes, remove tangents, etc. Saves me a ton of erasing (virtual or otherwise) down the road!


I think I have some photos of my friends tying the other up, one gasping as the other one lies dead on the floor, all sorts of crazy poses. I'm a huge advocate for references so whatever works, works. I also recently put a small mirror on my desk so I can act out certain things. It's been pretty handy for hand poses or certain head angles. But yeah, it's totally a time saver. Otherwise, I'll spend hours trying to figure out the anatomy only to be disappointed by a subpar drawing.


Ha! I can envision a great story where a comic artist gets caught up in a murder investigation and their reference file is used against them at trial...

Wow really looks more difficult than it seems to notice that you've been trying hard to make the pages of the comic! I think you should take the time you see necessary to avoid making mistakes in something, either way it looks great thank you for sharing :)

ClipStudio really made our lives easier! Is this the latest version? They just notified me and downloaded it, haven't really tried it yet but they do say there are significant upgrades in their 3D models. Great work!


Actually, I didn’t update yet... I got the same message in an email but didn’t look over the changes. Better 3D you say? I’ll have to check it out!

That 3D story boarding is very cool. Wish you luck with the "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."Fundition Campaign.


Thank you! The campaign is going great so far, I’m really floored by folks actually sending Steem and being so invested in the project!


If you continue to put forth a quality product I believe you will continue to do well on this platform.

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