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a brand new 2018 12.9" iPad Pro?

Yeah, it's the iPad.

IMG_2070 2.jpg

I'm feeling a little queasy right now at having just dropped a bunch of money on the new arrival. But let's face it, it's still a whole lot cheaper than the money needed to have a fleshy little human baby... and the iPad will smell a lot better.

This new 3rd generation of Apple's iPad Pro was first announced yesterday morning, but unfortunately I was at work for the event. By early afternoon @kommienezuspadt was already messaging me teaser trailers and the electronics department of my workplace was receiving calls to see if it was in stock... despite the fact that even Apple itself wasn't selling it until November 7th! C'mon people, the Apple Kool-Aid isn't that strong!

I just finished watching the presentation and promptly placed my order. It wasn't quite an impulse buy, I've been telling myself I'd make this leap. My first generation model is about 3 years old at this point and the extra capabilities will be quite nice when working on "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."

But I still had to work up the intestinal fortitude to click "buy."

My new baby is expected to arrive in a bit over two weeks. It'll probably be a C-Section as I cut open the outer packaging...
Be on the lookout for copious amounts of "baby pictures" around then and a review of my experiences as a new father.

Time to go calm my nerves and settle my stomach for now... Hey Crypto market, feel free to skyrocket any time now to make me feel better, okay?

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

aka the guy who's posting right now to try and recoup some of the cost of his iPad


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Three years for any electronic device is super dignfied. My previous laptop survived for 5 years and everyone I know was shocked that it lived that long (I replaced it only when it died completly), so three years is preventive measures before it starts the slow process of dying in my eyes. Just enjoys your new iPad when it arrives.

It's still got plenty of life in it too! But as with most computers or devices used in producing anything... time is money! It'll be nice if the beefier new version reduces some lag and allows me to work with more layers, etc. I'm sure I'll love it.

I'm sure of that as well!

A lot of people's Christmas wish, I'm sure. Not going to lie, I am one myself. Cool piece of tech.

I'll be classifying it as an early Christmas gift to myself, and I'll need to be very frugal for the remainder of the winter!

I am very happy for you.
I am planning to upgrade my iPad also, but don’t know about going pro.
I thought it was to heavy compared to mine, but the video said one pound ? I will take another look at it.
My voting power is recharging, so I will send in “the kraken” seakraken bot to upvote this post and resteem it on my blog!
Plus the automation bot too....

The Bots sent my Steem back because the post is greater then 3 days and 12 hours old, so I upvoted the post.

The big differentiator for the Pro line is without a doubt the Apple Pencil in my eyes. They’re the only iPads that can make use of it. If your use doesn’t benefit from an amazing stylus experience, it’s probably not worth the extra cash!


I do editing and projects utilizing photos, graphs and charts. I utilize my stylus a lot, but I don’t draw much. So thanks for the insight into its utility.

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Ugh! I also want it!!!!
But it's so expensive for us here... about $2000 X_X.

It is not cheap anywhere! But I'm very fortunate I can (sorta) afford it.

I really should upgrade at some point. My iPad Amateur is about five years old. Not quite geriatric as electronics go.

But I got it for the low, low price of free when I won it as a door prize while at a conference on a business trip so I can’t complain too much. 😁

I'm an Apple fan for sure, and it's amazing how long the devices often last. Most of my phones, iPads, or computers are all functional and seeing at least some use after 5-7 years normally!

😫 Ugh!!! I want it!!!!

C'mon Steem... Moon already!!!


Im still working with my 2018 budget version...i will upgrade next year 🤩

I usually settle into an every other generation upgrade cycle... so this was my go 'round this year!

Enjoy your new gadget. Are they good for drawing on?

I certainly will, and yeah, they are spectacular for art applications. They see quite a lot of use in professional circles now. About the only thing that compare is a very expensive tablet or monitor from Wacom, but the iPad Pro is still arguably better in some ways.

I never was satisfied with drawing on tablets, but technology has this tendency of evolving of course.

It's absolutely different, but definitely evolving. The combination of an iPad Pro and the Procreate app are most often cited by artists as the situation where they most forget the tools involved and just feel like they're drawing on paper.

Hey, I was thinking I should get Ipad pro. Maybe now the previous one would be cheaper. I'll check the new feature with the stylus. The biggest difference seems to be the weight.

It certainly will drive down the prices of prior models. Even the first generation is incredibly capable and at this point would probably set you back $300-$400 USD or so. The new stylus has some great convenience features, but overall I think the raw power is the selling point of the new model. It's shown in testing it's as fast as the MacBook Pros! The thing is a monster! The new generation is perfect for working with huge files, high resolutions, tons of layers, etc.

Exactly what I need! Lucky you!

It is an investment that is worth it to make your work with the comics something simpler! So it's worth it

I try to classify all my impulse buys as investments! I've almost convinced myself that big bag of Hershey's chocolates in my refrigerator is an "investment" too!

Dude, I just watched the videos here and now I want one. Lol.

Seriously though. Great investment that I believe will pay dividends with I Thought It Would Be Zombies. Can’t wait to see what it helps you create.

Apple marketing at its finest. You don't even know you need it until they show it to you! (and I usually like their music picks too...)

Yup. They are the masters at it. How’s it treating ya so far???

Oh, I don’t have the new one yet. It releases tomorrow. I got my shipment notification so I should have mine Friday!

Gotcha! I’m sure you’ll love it. You should do a video once you get the hang of it. Show us a bit of your magic in coloring or something.

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Wow, that sounds incredible! have one like that? hmmmmm in dreams I will have it!
if it would definitely be a very rich smell.

how much?

Bryan "el Imp" Imhoff
también conocido como el tipo que está publicando en este momento para intentar recuperar parte del costo de su iPad
Just lack a little!

Rather expensive... more than $1000 USD. I'll be paying it off for some time!

WOW 😱 ... Yes, it's expensive. Well, I hope you enjoy it a lot and that you make magnificent drawings. 🤗

I clicked on the boxer picture and followed a link to a boxing comic you did about this boxer having nightmares. I think it’s a very interesting comic so far, it’s on word press, is that where you publish your work?
Does it have a place to upvote your work?

Thanks so much for checking it out & I’m glad you’re digging it! Unfortunately Seer has been on hiatus a long time, but it is a tale I’ll return to at some point.

You may have noticed that site is the most rudimentary of any of my links, I’ve been working on putting all my old work, personal site, etc. up via custom WordPress sites and am slowly making progress. I haven’t yet integrated the Seer site fully with Steem (or styled it in any way!) but will in the future. There’s a great plugin called SteemPress that enables that functionality.

I shared those comic pages a long time ago through my @spottyproduction account, but have been waiting to dust that off again until I have more finished work to show & promote as a publisher. Until then I’ll be keeping all the “work in progress” here at @bryan-imhoff.

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