Holy Collection Batman!!!

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At my shop Conquest Comics, we are currently in the process of acquiring a pretty sizable collection of comic books. We made a deal with the seller to accept the long boxes...sight unseen for a specific price per box. I’ll delve more into the specifics in the next piece when I cover more of what we have found, but I just wanted to give a little sampling of a couple of the books that we uncovered amongst the common fodder.

So far we have had to snag the boxes in waves. I believe so far, 4 waves totaling 41 long boxes. Each box houses between 200-300 comics depending on if they are bagged and boarded. So there’s a bunch of books here thus far. I think we are to be getting another car load tomorrow so probably around 10 more. Then it’ll be slow drips and drabs from there over the next month or so until they are all cleared out.

This was stock from a shop that closed up about 10 years back and there is a very odd mixture of pure dogshit all the way up to elite tastiness...and everywhere in between. I only took a couple photos that first batch but it’s of a few choice blue chip books.

What we are doing is filing through them ever so quickly and pulling out books that we know for certain are winners. It could be a $10 book or a $500 book. Just something that is basically wall worthy. I’m so pumped to get this new stock in and can’t wait to share it with you all as it’s quite the score.

Anyway, without further ado...here are a few of the biggies that I snapped pics of to taunt my buddy Jason with. I wish I had snapped more but I’ll get to it in the coming days....


This is NYX #3 which houses the 1st appearance of X-23. Remember that little badass girl with the claws in Logan?!? Yeah...that’s her. Depending on condition, this book could take in anywhere from $300-$800 clams!!!


Ah...the highly coveted Spawn 1 Black & White. This book is a ghost and with Spawn’s growing popularity in recent years, copies get scooped up quickly. These suckas fetch anywhere from $300-$500 and I feel they will steadily rise more over time as they get locked away in collections. Tasty tasty tasty score.


This one is a funny one. About an hour prior, my buddy Jason was in the shop and was telling me how he just put in an offer on a Superman #75 Platinum Edition on eBay. Fast forward about 60 minutes and I yanked one from one of the boxes.

This is the “Death of Superman”...but what makes this one special is it’s the Platinum version which was a bonus for retailers back then. Not a terribly expensive book but still commands between $100-$250 on a good day...depending on the market.

The 2 books above are reprints that are highly sought after. It was part of the Marvel Collectible Classics Lime in which they took somewhat prominent books and reprinted em with kickass Chromium covers that really pop! The 2 books are both McFarlane covers and reprint Spider-Man #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #300. The #300 is the 1st appearance of Venom Incase you were wondering.

Depending on the day and condition of these books...they could fetch anywhere from $250-$750 a pop! I have the Amazing #300 Chromium in my collection as I’m a completist with that run. Super awesome book that never pops up!!!

Anyway, I’ll be showing off more as we’ve yanked out hundreds so far and we are still getting more boxes!!! Can’t wait to find more treasures!!!

Thx for looking!


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It's a good thing that I don't own a comic book store, because I'd keep them all! LOL. Or maybe not, for a good price. Hell, I am so fickle, I wouldn't know what to do and probably sell something, then stop the customer from leaving, snatch it back from his hands and pay him twice the price for it haha. Yeah...I'd be bankcrupt in a week! So better leave that kinda stuff to the professionals hehe.

Right?!? I have a friend that has a shop and never has good old stock as he keeps everything for himself. Lol

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Must be difficult to make decisions on what stock to purchase and in what quantities. Pretty cool when you make big sales though. It all seems confusing to me, the comics and how they are priced, but I guess for someone whose been into it as long as you it all seems so straight forward.

Comics are so tricky. I’m sure you see the range I mention on some of these. Reason is all condition. If it’s a near mint copy or a high grade copy, it will be closer to the higher price point...same goes for lower. A slight tick on the spine could be a deal breaker for hardcore collectors. Nutty hobby. Lol

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Nutty hobby.

Yeah, but anything done with passion, and that brings enjoyment is great...Not bad things, Charles Manson style of course. :)

You make it sound like he was a bad guy...

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Haha, Hmm...Now let me think...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but where's all the Razor, Warrior Nun, and Gen13 books? It's like you don't even care about 90's comic nerds and our special needs.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Lol. There are some badgirl books there. Not a ton of Razor but I saw tons of Lady Deaths...Fathoms...Chastity...Red Sonja’s. Shit like that

Sounds like a major score dude! Nice.

Yeah this is a total monster score. Super pumped! There’s a ton more boxes on the way too!

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Hello! Please check your facebook messages/messenger or the conquest comics email. I've been trying to contact you regarding my order.

Lol. Sorry I never check that!!! I’ve responded now though so I’ll wait for your response there.

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The hunt for paper gold never rests. Stay frosty.

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Oooohhhhh. Found more tastiness

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