Arsenic Lullaby commissions - Batman V Superman and others

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I'll be at Cincinnati Comic Expo next weekend, doing sketches and signing autographs. So I thought, why not show off some previous commissions people have gotten?

FIRST, a big thank you to @steevc for sending me my tablet back! I had accidentally put it into his package when he ordered some Arsenic Lullaby comics...from England ( I live near Chicago USA). Astonishingly it made it to Steve intact and functional, and he sent it back to me...think that would have happened to an order placed on Facebook? FUCK NO. It would have been pawned and the money used to by a dvd collection of Mattlock.


I get all kinds of requests, some large some small. Most of the time they want some Arsenic Lullaby characters mixed in. As always...I do my best to earn my money...

we'll start small with some sketch cards- These are characters from the books of Joseph Linsner, Dawn and Sinful Suzie



Whoever came up with the idea of published blank "sketch covers" versions of comics deserves a medal. These are perfect size to do at a convention. It a small enough size that you don't have to spend too long on it or get too involved with composition and still be able to hand back a pretty damn cool piece of original art (uhm...for a fee...bwhahahaha)

These next few have Voodoo Joe, his zombie fetus henchman, Baron Von Donut and others from A.L. If you're not familiar with those, for depriving yourself of the joy.

You can find Voodoo Joe story here

Baron Von Donut story here





This next one takes a little explaining...someone found a picture in an old fanzine where some guy who drew a character called "wolverine" which had powers/characteristics of the Marvel character...6 months or so before Marvel introduced him. I don't remember all the details about the whole thing, but I got a request to put that version of the character onto a Marvel sketch cover.


These next to were several day projects...this type stuff you have to ask for ahead on time. Even if I brought all my supplies (t-squares, straight edges, centrolinead, ink well) There's no way I could do this with 6yr olds dressed as super heroes running around.



You can see me and my work in person at Cincinnati Comic Expo next weekend!


you can always see more of my work at the Arsenic Lullaby website or just check out the site to see other stuff.

there's more #comics and an online store to order a physical copy coupon code -voodoo- is good for 20% offor if you see something you like and want to use steem, just contact me here or on discord

ArsenicLullaby#2207 on Discord

back with more in a few days!


!!!!the tags list on Steemit is generated by code...which puts tags up there based on ONLY popularity of use. You will notice that as of yet #comics does not exist there. So what we have been doing is using the hashtag #comics every single time we comment on my posts ( or any other posts if you like). It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense to use it...the code doesn't know the difference!!!!

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Gosh, these are really neat commission pieces, Doug <3 The characters look like they have entire new personalities in your style :)

I love your spidey with the voodoo fetus XD your dark humour with the umbilical cord cracked me up LOL

But all of them are wonderful

poor baron von donut ; __ ;




Thanks...That Donut one might be my favorite too...don't know why...It just strikes me as charming in a strange way #comics

Excellent great work

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Awesome designs! Thanks for sharing! :-)

i love it. your style is great!!! thank for sharing ^^

Blank #comics covers are awesome for getting sketches. I put a list of most of the blank #comics covers that can be pre-ordered at your local #comics shop this month in a post for the September 2018 Previews here on Steemit. I also like the Comic Con Exclusive books that you sell that leave space for a sketch on the back cover. I would have posted a pic of one of your sketch covers you had done for me in the past, but I did not have any scanned in yet. Sorry.


Well get them scanned ya slacker! #comics! Yeah, I can't remember what like was like before sketch covers. Just a really great idea!

That Baron & Fury is great. I love Mattlock! You're worried about 6yos in costume? Those 36yos in cosplay can be cut throat. Ha! Wish i could make it. Have fun brutha.


The 36yr olds and vexing...but in a different way...they rarely have an wallets on them. Haha! #comics!

Hey, I recognise these characters and yet they look different because they're drawn in your distinctive style :D.        
My favourite is the Baron von Donut that got clawed by Wolverine XD. Hehehe, not sure why but it tickles me.        


That's thee of use that like the BVD / Wolverine cover! such a simple idea, too. Although, inking those claws was nerve wracking!!! #comics

Your tablet is well travelled. Happy to hear it survived the experience. Enjoy the expo