one of the greatest comic of all time

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Hi guys today lest talk about of one of the greatest comics of all time .

Is one of many marvelous gems is Watchmen of course.

Watchmen is undoubtedly a product of the Eighties. The fear of nuclear war looms large, and, politically, the series is rooted deeply in its time. But the moral dilemmas the series poses, and the seedy lives of the ‘heroes’, are fresh as daisies. To this day, it still makes modern superhero comics look dated and simplistic. In retrospect, the series is overshadowed by that brilliant twist ending and the awful inevitability of the fall-out from it. It’s easy to forget the well-executed soap opera of The Comedian, Sally and Laurie, or the sexual dysfunctions of the closest thing we have to a leading man, or the mind-bending it and be reminded that Watchmen is laugh-out-loud funny in places. Quite simply, Alan Moore applied realism to costumed heroes, and practically overnight the whole genre changed for ever.

This is a lecture oblygatory for all the comics lovers .

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