Little Nemo In Slumberland, 1905-10-15

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Little Nemo in Slumberland, 1905-10-15


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Characters An Oomp, King Morpheus, Nemo, Somnus
Notes The first Little Nemo strip
Transcript King Morpheus: His majesty requests the presence of Little Nemo.

Caption: Little Nemo had just fallen asleep when an Oomp appeared who said, "You are requested to appear before his majesty, Morpheus of Slumberland."
Oomp: And I've brought a little spotted night horse for you to ride but you mustn't whip him or drive him fast. Do you hear?

Oomp: His name is Somnus and he's as gentle as can be.
Caption: Nemo was surprised as well as delighted to receive the king's invitation, so he scrambled out of bed and mounted the prancing pony which now appeared.

Caption: "Slumberland is a long way off through many miles of weird scenes," said Oomp. "But be good to your horse and you will arrive there safe and sound."
Oomp: Slumberland is the most wonderful place in the sky. You mustn't miss a single thing. See it all!

Caption: After traveling some thousands of miles he met the Oomp in disguise who cautioned him again to be careful about speeding his faithful mount.
Nemo: Gracious! What is that?
Oomp: Be kind to him, I warn you.

Caption: Nemo obeyed until he came up with a green kangaroo who challenged him to a race. He accepted because he thought it would be easy to win with Somnus.
Kangaroo: I'll race you to Moontown. What do you say?

Caption: When he found the race was to be a free-for-all hurdle race with all manner of strange looking creatures also contesting, he proceeded to withdraw from it.

Caption: Not so with Somnus. Her spunk was up. Nemo found her beyond his control and running away. Try as he might Nemo could not hold her back.

Caption: They fairly flew through the sky until Somnus stumbled on a star. Nemo clutched at the saddle but could not hold fast so over he went.

Nemo: I wonder what the Oomp will say. Oh!
Caption: Down down down he shot through miles and miles of space.

Caption: Over and over he turned in his descent causing intense anguish.

Caption: And becoming so dizzy that he thought he was going to die he began to scream.
Nemo: Oh papa. Oh mama.

Caption: When he awoke.


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