Merry Christmas & Happy New Year STEEM-FAM - Next Year after HF20 will be C R A Z Y !

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Screenshot 2017-12-26 01.04.31.png

Expecting 10X more users during the next 365 days, so for those of you who are HERE and NOW among the Total accounts: 512,102; mined: 13,953 To you we CHEERS! You ALL GONNA GET RICH BOYS, GIRLS & WEIRDOS :) - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Don't forget to vote for my witness @fyrst-witness (not fyrstikken) on or set @inertia as witness-proxy. We have just upgraded our machine, and for next year it will be crazy so stay tuned, this ride will make some of you shit your pants :)


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You ALL GONNA GET RICH BOYS, GIRLS & WEIRDOS :) - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

You hear that boys we gonna get rich and kudos to all those so far who joined when I invited them, now we can all attest that steem is here to stay and we just getting started

steem/sbd to the star, moon too small to hold us now


am looking forward to that day when my steem and sbd will be worth a lot more

God Jul og godt nyttår!

We will surely have 10x, I am excited to see what HF20 brings, hopefully we can stabilize the good momentum!


with more users the steem and sbd prices may stabilize and grow, and it will mean more content been uploaded thus increasing the traffic to the network and strengthening the block cahin

This thing you have done with Facebook on this post. BYW where can i read more about the HF20.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !!!


happy new year to you and your family @fyrstikken

I am very excited about Steemit and its potential. Can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for Steemit. I do hope that your prediction will come true. In the meantime have a Merry Xmas and a Steemit New Year.

I got kicked out of SteemSpeak again today, only for speaking the truth... who is doing this to me, you?

I dont understand why The steemit community is rewarding frederik, when all he does is spreading lies from NASA... its just sadning to me..

Really we are gonna be the millionaires with steem ride. My faith is very strong in cryptos and I am really very delighted to be a friend with you here. If you are on, I wanna talk to you.

Next Year after HF20 will be C R A Z Y
Wow that's a big news and a good news! I will add you as a witness of mine! Merry X'mas for you and your family too!


Merry Christmas to you too @fyrstikken ... Looking forward for HF20...

good comics @fyrstikken. I like to read comics. Especially comic funny as you share this. thank you for sharing information. I am ready to read this comic

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year@fyrstikken 🎉🎉✨🎄🎄🎄🍾👏

Hiii Respected @fyrstikken, i daily check your profile and now you post after many days, very glad to see your post. you realy do great for this community. i appreciate your services as @booster for boosting up specially new commers like me, i love it. you are leading us here and i learning from you.
Many many happy returns to you and your respected family on this fabolous festival. stay blessed for ever.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year in advance.

When I grow UP I want to be RICH like @fyrstikken.........Oh wait a minute I am Grown UP.....Now I just need to wait a Few Months to be RICH......

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Booster refund request - I accidentally submitted a second bid of 26.686 STEEM after making a smaller bid of 1 STEEM earlier for
@fyrstikken Thanks for this powerful bot

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !

Merry Xmas and Happy Steem Year!

Thanks for bringing us some fun videos to add to the xmas spirits.
My personal favorite would have to be you J.P.Morgan .
In my opinion it should be played during all xmas from now on!

wish you the same sir, I missed your torture in steemit.

I'm glad that already on Steemite! Merry Christmas to you !!!

Go go steem bro~~ with SMT!!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you @fyrstikken

That is really a good new and it filled us with more thrill and excitement. Lets keep suporting each other towards sucess. Happy Christmis to you and your family. Cheers all steemians!

Wishing you a Happy Holidays and many 2018 Blessings!
Stay style Viking. Your story is made for the silver screen. Someday.... Til then, stay blessed.

There are many good wishes of Mary Christmas. Have fun every moment. Enjoy this happiness of Christmas with all your well-liked people.Thank you for sharing the beautiful moments of Christmas with us.

Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁🎉☃️

Honestly, this is so encouraging that it's hard to put words to. I've been struggling as a singer-songwriter for years now, working so hard but seeing no success; I was trying to learn the marketing things to try to use other social media platforms, but with yet-again algorithm changes, it causes that same hopelessness about it all!

Hearing this is the opposite, on top of the fact that I've already received so much support here (honestly, it's been incredible--many dedicated friends and "fans" already). I have such a sense of possibility going into the new year, and even with my tiny investment in this platform, I'm very excited to see what can happen with it all.

Thanks for posting! xx, Kay

Merry Christmas mate!

Let's make 2018 better for Steemit! I agree that there will be 10x users, mainly because cryptocurrency is mainstream right now.
I wish you the best 2018!

Merry Xmas Boss! This will be a big year! :)

hahahah....very funny....i cant stop my loughing

Come see my Christmas Eve realization @frystikken. You might like it.

With that said... I love the comical humor you bring to steemit with your cartoons. They are indeed funny.

Nice information.. Good if we hit the 5 Million mark at the end of next year.... :)

we surely have kicked fb out our path,its the best decision to make steemit a home for all....thats just the campaign,happy new year @fyrstikken

we expect the growth to affect the the price of SBD and steem in a positive way, the next boom is here

I really love the comic appeal, merry christmas and a happy new year in advance.

happy christmas......
hope next year will bring you a special reward

i have voted...on @fyrst-witness..
and i have followed @inertia...

thank you....

best of luck......


first of all you are very beautiful .. and i am sure you are having a happy Christmas and ..advance happy new year be happy thanks for sharing loved it @bijoy123

Merry Christmas.. Be always happy ☺

what the mean oh HF20 ? @fyrstikken


the next version of STEEM, Hard Fork 20, or version 0.20.0


whether at that time we got many benefits ?


yes, your friends don't have to stand in line to get a steem-account anymore. And you will be able to create and sell your own tokens... Pretty big update.


thank you very much for information....
big thanks to @fyrstikken

steemit user will obviously reach 10x.nice to read it

I love shopping. Everybody enjoying marry christmas day.

I support you and like your post.thanks your good information

Unfortunately, it seems like the number of spam accounts is also going up :\

Merry Cryptmas !!

Wow 10X,we are waiting for a better time. Very good post brother, Merry Christmas image

First of all, I would like to tell you many wishes and lots of love in Christmas because you did not post it and you did not find it, so please say goodbye to Christmas. But now, welcome to the new year, I do not forget to tell you many wishes and many more I love you New year wishes I hope 2018 will be a lot better for you and a lot better Just forget about the hardships that you were crying over in the past, 2018 will make you happy and very beautiful for you. Your family will spend very well with your loved one, bring your newest new year to us so that you get something new We are very happy and may have many festivities. We will teach you something new in steemit so that we learn Can work with us. We have given us a lot of new responsibilities and the right way to guide us, but we are very good luck for you New year wishes for the new year, let everyone know the new year wishes and many more love


i agree with you bro..


I am very happy because you agree with me


yes brother i realize this post..your post just extra ordinary..and i appreciate..

The picture of Facebook beating is gorgeous. Happy Christmas holidays. Good luck to you and good.

Картинка избиением Фейсбука – великолепная. Счастливых рождественских праздников. Удачи Вам и добра.

Merry Christmas @fyrstikken have a great year and loads of fun !!

yes .. I think 2018 will be the year for Steem... So power up is the best option.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


10x more people?
That means steem prices will rise up.
Invest in steem guys.
The best time is now

Merry christmas it will be crazy for sure lets see how this turn out to be
have a great day!

Glad you included the weirdos.

happy new year

I, for one, am ready to sHiT my pants................. love it brother and I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas or x-mas................

That picture is a gem for sure :D Congrats to all of us!

i follow your every post..i like this post..resteemit done..

Happy New year in advance... More rise in SBD and Steem in 2018.

I will choose your witness. Thanks for all your support @fyrstikken.

heck yeah man thats what I'm talking about.

2018 is going to be the year for all of us to do so well.

Merry Crismas and Happy New Year !!!

Good one my dear.....wish you a blessed holiday season.
In my latest post (pls see it) I indicated an abuse going on here (I mentioned you on the post) and I want you to see it and take action. I wish you more success.

2018 will be awesome!
Happy New Year @fyrstikken!

Joined steemspeak. Super interested in talking at whatever point in the future you find that appropriate. Recorded a pretty considerable video for you a little while ago, and if you can find the time to try, I would appreciate that very deeply. It’s not my friends are powerless, but that you seem as if you’ll be a part of anything great and magical that may happen in steem/it, and my first impression of you, in a video @adept recommended, was GOOD. I’m sure you’re busy, but I honestly think you could make so many amazing things happen.

You have great responsibility, for more than just baby sitting your bitcoin lol.

I look forward to when we can talk.


happy new year 2018~~~

Happy New Year

giphy (9).gif
giphy (10).gif
giphy (11).gif

Happy New Year

Hello dear,, 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year', Hope you are enjoying your lovely moments with your family and friends.
It's really super cartoon picture and hopes it could happen. 2018 is going to be only for the Steemit year, Steemit will cross all of the social sites very soon. Steemit is going to be number one social site....