PROOF: Something Very NEFARIOUS is Going On At You Tube

in comey •  last year

by SGT,

It has now become abundantly clear that the You Tube 'Adpocalypse' is just phase one of a far more sinister plan to sabotage successful You Tube channels in order to kill competition - robber Barron style, so that the corporate, legacy and mainstream media can yield more power, control and eyeballs on You Tube.

Almost 5 BILLION videos are watched on You Tube every day. 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV. By 2025, half of viewers under the age of 32 will NOT subscribe to a pay TV service. These statistics have the corporate overlords in an absolute panic.

The You Tube 'Adpocalypse' is a strawman. It is a contrived, coordinated strategy to get rid of the competition on You Tube so that the legacy, dinosaur media can come in and take over. It is NOT about "objectionable" content. These corporate overlords are more than happy to advertise on despicable and offensive shows like Fox's 'Lucifer'. This is an ATTACK to KILL the competition - robber Barron style. Think Hearst. Morgan. Rockefeller.

What's being done to the SGT Report You Tube channel can be quantified by alarming You Tube statistics which prove, the fix is in. As John D. Rockefeller famously boasted, "Competition is a sin."

Truth is under attack. Liberty is under fire. We are in for the fight of our lives.
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Thanks to the SGTReport i now know about Steemit, with all the fettling going on behind the scenes these days its good to be able to go somewhere and not have to be concerned.

Is this really your steemit blog Sean?


Or do you spell it Shawn?


Yes! its really me. I've had it with You Tube...! In fact, they just gave the monetization rights for this video to CBC (canada) because I used the Justin Trudeau clip. Im just a day laborer on the You Tube plantation. ~Sean


Hi Sean, opened a Steemit account on the advice of Gregory Mannarino, (Traders and am so glad to find you here too! Still trying to figure Steemit out, but so nice to find a "familiar face" here. Good luck to you on this new platform.


Wow, perfect description of the world of you tube "day laborer" you do the work and they steal the money.


@sgtreport Hey Sean - this new video platform may be worth looking into!

Might be just what the doctor ordered... check it out and let me know what you think.... Thanks for all your work!

I think Steemit may be a game changer and give Youtube some competition.

Remember kids, commies don't fight fair. They use theft, force, lies, diversion, propaganda, censorship, violence and terrorism to achieve their ends. steemit allows free speech, rewards content providers based on audience support and wraps it all up in a crypto blockchain of the future. This is the first time I've ever heard of a win win win win situation in my life....

You're the third person I follow to make the leap over here to steemit, this WEEK! Thanks for all your insights thus far. I believe this platform is going to revolutionize info aggregation, and can't wait to see how your efforts will help evolve it.


Thanks for your support silvenergy, good to see you here - seems like a great community.

Hey , good to see you made it to Steemit. Hopefully karma will have something to say about youtube's decision to sellout their content creators.

Anyway , if you haven't already , you could do an introduction post using the #introduceyourself tag to let people know about yourself and to let them know you are here. I'm sure Steemit will treat you a lot better than youtube has been.


Thanks betelzeus. I didn't know about that feature. I'll work on it and put something out soon! I'm really glad there is an option to corporateTube.

time to quit fake youtube

It's sad but YT is lost. We can hope that sites steemit become viable alternatives.

Wow, I followed Greg Mannarino over hear this week and now the SGT report. So glad to have an alternative to the evil you tube channel...yippee

Glad to see there is a new alternative truth channel that is taking on the might of the global censorship channels! #saygoodbyetoyoutube


Good bye, Youtube.

Sean, you are one of the last Youtube channels that I follow, whom has started posting content on Steemit. Once Lionel Nation and StyxHexenhammer666 start posting on Steemit, I (just a content consumer) will be able to close my account, and finally end all my contact with Google. If you ever hear from James Corbett, try to convince him to post here as well! I love both yours and James' style and content, without a doubt, two of the best in the alternative media sphere!
If and when Steemits' video hosting service goes live, will you close your Youtube account? Or perhaps you can link to your Bitchute videos instead? In any case, never forget that at a moments notice all your youtube content can be seized. I suggest posting your archive to multiple services (Bitchute,, Steemit) or not your whole archive, then your most popular Youtube vids. When I first found your youtube channel years ago, I spent the time to go to the start and follow your progress from day 1, and in a way, doing that helped convince me that you are for real. Thanks

Thank you for mentioning Steemit at the end of your video. Will you make some links to this blog from your official youtube, twitter, facebook, website as well? I would like to support your blog. Bring all your subscribers over here.


Yes! I just got this Steemit channel approved today, so I'm new. But I'll become a regular and I will promote it! Thanks fyrstikken.


we need to get all of the Alt Media and Truth Media on here asap to get the word out about crypto's and how good they could turn out for people, this is awesome since its such a passive income for sharing ideas and such. Love your stuff SGT, I think this is going to be something huge with getting paid for comments and uploads!! YouTube is finished!

Glad you move here. Please bring the other truth tellers over here

Great to see you here on Steemit Sean. Keep up the good fight. You Tube will extinct themselves.

Haha....Just watched this episode on youtube, came over to Steemit and hear you are......Fu*k youtube!!!!, they are killing free speech and is now showing its true colours......always loved your content anyways, and will continue to support this channel. I would just like to thank you for continuing to bring the difficult topics to light that the msm wont dare touch.....thank you...keep doing what you do for as long as you can..

Sean, you are truly an amazing reporter/ truth teller, I have listened to you on YOUTUBE....and am so glad you are on here, because youtube has turned its back on so many people, very sad!! but Im glad this platform is out there, you deserve to be rewarded for all the amazing work you do...Thanks for getting out the truth!!!! and now with STEEMIT, people can move away from youtube/ the censorship platform...and continue to awaken people!!!!

So glad to see SGT report on steemit. Keep up the great work!

I appreciate all you do to get the truth out. I'm here because you and Gregory Mannarino recommended steemit. And YouTube pisses me off, pushing the leftist agenda. I'm a YouTube Red subscriber and the fact that they're demonetizing my favorite channels sucks.

After finding you 6 months ago on YouTube, I'm happy to be watching your videos here on Steemit.

Can this be real? I think the demise of Youtube would be awesome. These companies grow from nothing, they forget where they came from. Then treating you like you are lucky to be on their platform. Let us show them how lucky they were for us to be on their platform.

like the media youtube is shooting themselves in the feet and arms n much more can ppl take...

@sgtreport Hey Sean - this new video platform may be worth looking into!

Might be just what the doctor ordered... check it out and let me know what you think.... Thanks for all your work!