A Day Without STEEM/STEEMIT - ComedyOpenMic Round 20 - 2nd Entry

in comedyopenmic •  5 months ago
I didn't even know WTF happens out there. I tried to check my STEEMIT account and it showed me the well known 502 Bad Gateway Error.
Then I thought it might happened due to another DDOS Attack like we all experienced in last year (2017). Therefore, I tried BUSY.ORG to login in, but eventually failed at the login stage of SteemConnect as well. Like I said before, I still have no idea what's going around. But, now I could login in, so I would like to express my feeling without a day with STEEM/STEEMIT, like this gif animation.

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This is my 2nd submission for #comedyopenmic round 20.
I am nominating @reddust and @ kiwiscanfly for this #comedyopenmic round 20.
Here is the link to the competition round 20
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Yeah, weird what steemit does to people right?

I'm looking for Ned Scott.



Ned's hairstyle can withstand nuclear blast; one up that bish.
#nedscott4eva 🕶️

It's a little taste of what the Rapture will be like.

Lots of free time for masturbation amirite
Same here man.

Wait, that's...what you meant...right?