if you sleep, it will be difficult to post. Better post a entry first then later on sleep.

Priceless tip from a judge. You better take this advice @steemnsfw

lol...yeah true, post then sleep, like fcuk then sleep

hey...go call your buddy @berniesanders to come here to support this, he loves a good laugh!

That's what 'She' said..

ie. lol

lol she said sleep with judge

Sleep with my wife too

Not a problem. But photo first, No dogs allowed.

u r funny :D

I'm also sexy.


hhahhahhahahha sexyyy :D and i don know it lol

Let me take off my pants and show you

hahhahahhaha noooo thanks :D many sluts here on Steemit!

Hi Steemnsfw, you're aware there is more then One judge, right?

Hmm... What do you think? divide and conquer or enjoy them one at a time?

If you can divide and conquer then enjoy them one at a time.

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