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RE: Comedy Contest - ComedyOpenMic - Week 1 - Total Prize Pool 210SBD + 50Steem.

in #comedyopenmic5 years ago

This is a nice addition to the platform. So if understand it has to be a live comedy performed by entrants in video format ?

Resteemed for visibility.


Thanks for the resteem @sanmi.

entries can be anything funny. I would just really enjoy some live comedy from steemians.

Here is out first entry

It really is a very open format. Anything goes as long as it's funny. I hope to get your entry in also :)

Wow, then I can enter :) I am learning to create GIF Memes , so that would fit here. And of course we will be looking for brilliant entries for curation :) So a double bonus.

Yes of course. Everybody is welcome.

Published the post, assume, I do not need to enter the post url here, and you will find out by tag :)

Yup. Will find it by the tag.

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