Comedy Open Mic Round # 18: How to sucessfully introducing steemit to a friend

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this is exactly what i did 1, 2 and yes 3 worked to, and yeah my friends are still messaging me for recommending Steem at $2.5 to ask when it's going back up, my former friends are trying to locate my Fackebook presence to send me virtual unfriends for recommending buying Steem at $3.5, my frenemies who bought when I recommended Steem at $4.5 have started an association aka witch-hunt to track me down IRL with pitchforks and a hanging rope

ouch! what a shame, i had such a nice ass too!

Ooooh, that's nasty. I'm cringing just looking at that.


Ouch! No Wonder people don't like getting poked in the bum.

lol. Almost recommended to a friend's dad at $3.


I think I tried all of the above some months ago. And now with the falling prices my friends want to sell me their Steemit accounts with powered-up Steem - buy high, sell low :D

Me: So steemit is a social media platform where you can blog...

Them: That's okay, just skip to the part where i'm making money.

Yes I know these things, some people take ages to finally create that account, and when they do, they see the 1 cent posts for a few weeks and drip off. Quitters! That last one is funny, keep that in mind haha.. could work.. and I am kinda good at sales too, so maybe a combination of those :)

I've just given up trying to convince people, screw them, they can join when steem is a $15 again and every man and his dog has an account.

That's a solid looking chart you have there!

I had a short post in mind anyway so the timing is good :D

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why nobody upvote poor C² .... upvoted!

Why should be you be only one making $5 per hour... It's good to get your friends to share your pain love of crypto.

May be another right time is coming for investment :)

This did actually have me in tears, the worst part is it's funny because every single bit is true. Thoroughly entertained by this, I hope plenty more people get to see and enjoy it as well.

#thealliance #witness

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