Comedy Open Mic Round # 18: How to sucessfully introducing steemit to a friend

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Sometimes I imagine that I introduce steem to a friend....

It's evening, I'm in bar with a friend trinking a beer.
me: By the way, do you have a password manager?
he: No, why? I'm using always the same password and It is something that I can easily remember.
me: Oh, nevermind. How is work going?

I will try again..

Now it is launch time and I'm eating a meal together with a colleague.
me: Do you want to earn money by writing blog posts? There is a really awesome site.
he: Ok, sound good. How much can I earn?
me: In the beginning, not so much. But when you write consistently unique posts with original content, do proper image sourcing, It should be possible to earn 5 $ for each post. Provided, you dedicate at least one hour a day...

I'm realizing that this is maybe not the best strategy convincing someone

me: Let me start again. You love numbers right and mathematics right?
he: You're right.
me: On steemit, you have three currencies, STEEM, SBD and VESTS. You can power up and convert STEEM into VESTS also called STEEM POWER. There is an internal market in which you can exchange SBD and STEEM. You have also a reputation score which increases when your posts are upvoted and decreases on downvotes. You have also voting power, which refills every day. When you have enough bandwidth, you can upvote other posts and earn curation rewards. The curation reward amount depends on the time and how many voter were before you. It will be higher when other upvote the post after you. Then after 7 days, you can claim your reward. Awesome right? Of course, you can earn only when you have enough STEEM POWER, which you could earn by writing consistently unique posts with original content, do proper image sourcing and then after some month of hard work .....

Seems, I'm not a sales person...

Another day, dinner with a friend.
me: Hey, you told me that you have some money left, right?
he: Yeah...
me: I know a really good opportunity. You create an account on and buy a lot of STEEM. You are an early adopter, just think of Facebook in 2013. Addititionally, you can delegate your STEEM POWER to a bid bot, this means guuaranteed ROI for you. In a few years,, you will be rich, without any work!


he: Thanks for the advice, I think I will do this...

There you go

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice!
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I nominate @paulag and @abh12345 (both are in charge of the steemcommunity witness) to join the fun!

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Comedy Open Mic Round # 18

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this is exactly what i did 1, 2 and yes 3 worked to, and yeah my friends are still messaging me for recommending Steem at $2.5 to ask when it's going back up, my former friends are trying to locate my Fackebook presence to send me virtual unfriends for recommending buying Steem at $3.5, my frenemies who bought when I recommended Steem at $4.5 have started an association aka witch-hunt to track me down IRL with pitchforks and a hanging rope



ouch! what a shame, i had such a nice ass too!


Ooooh, that's nasty. I'm cringing just looking at that.




Ouch! No Wonder people don't like getting poked in the bum.


lol. Almost recommended to a friend's dad at $3.



I think I tried all of the above some months ago. And now with the falling prices my friends want to sell me their Steemit accounts with powered-up Steem - buy high, sell low :D

Me: So steemit is a social media platform where you can blog...

Them: That's okay, just skip to the part where i'm making money.

Yes I know these things, some people take ages to finally create that account, and when they do, they see the 1 cent posts for a few weeks and drip off. Quitters! That last one is funny, keep that in mind haha.. could work.. and I am kinda good at sales too, so maybe a combination of those :)

I've just given up trying to convince people, screw them, they can join when steem is a $15 again and every man and his dog has an account.

That's a solid looking chart you have there!

I had a short post in mind anyway so the timing is good :D

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why nobody upvote poor C² .... upvoted!

Why should be you be only one making $5 per hour... It's good to get your friends to share your pain love of crypto.

May be another right time is coming for investment :)

This did actually have me in tears, the worst part is it's funny because every single bit is true. Thoroughly entertained by this, I hope plenty more people get to see and enjoy it as well.

#thealliance #witness