Comedy Open Mic Round 22 entry 1 | Unlucky frog

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Hi all,,
I have long been inactive in steemit, I miss all of you contestants #comedyopenmic,
During this time I was busy, my time was taken to take care of the rice fields.

I am almost stressed out of not reading your jokes, lucky, because I met a locust, he told me about the story of a frog who came to a fortune teller.
Here is the story


One day there was a pair of frogs on the road in a beautiful pond.
Female Frog: "Honey, let's sit on a leaf. "

Male Frog: "Come on honey. Later you sit on me! hehehehe "

Female Frog: "Unfortunately, you're romantic."

Male Frog: "Hehehehe."

They sit on a leaf in the pond and mingle. But suddenly frogs fart very fiercely.

Male Frog: "Iiih sayang ko Kentut very hard? "

Female frog: "it's okay dear."

Male Frog: "You're dirty."

Female Frog: "Now I want to ask you, Fart is it good or not?"

Male Frog: "Hmmmm, not good."

Female frog: "Well, that's why I throw it away."

Male Frog: "Hmmmm, if I answer (good)?"

Female frog: "Well, that's why I'm sharing it for you. Hihihihi. "


I am nominate @murtalaumar and @muhammadiman for participate in this contest

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Hey @armiaaceh, it's good to have you back. We have missed you at COM. However, I found a comment with the exact same frog joke on this post:

Remember to submit only original content. Thanks and hope to see a second original entry from you.


I have changed it, and I will never ask friends to send jokes to me again, twice I ask, they always send the results of plagiarism.
Forgive me


Thank you @take5, I will see it, because it sends a friend to me.