Comedy Open Mic - Upvote Fun: Back in the Day…

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We are all getting older. There is nothing that will stop it. Decay and rot… that is the future. Still, most of you will have kids, and your kids will have kids. If you hold on long enough, those grandkids will sit on your lap and ask “Grandpa/Grandma, what was Steemit like when you were young?”

And you will get a misty look in your eye and say:

“Back in the day, NSFW meant Not Safe For Wafricans.”


Or, “back in the day, Banfield wasn’t yet a reference for a loose bowel movement.”


Or, “back in the day, reward pool rape was a decent first date.”


Okay, Okay, we're not very good at these. Let's see you do better. Have fun. Thank you.

To get this massive upvote love, make a 'back in the day' joke in the comment section.

Please upvote, resteem, follow, stalk, donate, poop, incentivise, comment, engage, build, create, laugh, live, smoke, drink and enjoy yourselves. You deserve it and the upvotes, you and your friends all deserve upvotes.

Yet another magic post inspired by @acolucky


Back in my day, gentlebot roughed you up a bit.

Yea that must've taught you a thing or thing-2.

Wow, nice combination of great Steemians.
After cracking my ribs with these jokes, I think fixing them up by upvoting this comment isn't a bad idea.. 😂😂😂😂😂

Please leave an original comedy comment like those that have already been upvoted and you can get an upvote too.

@comedyopenmic you really fixed my ribs. I gat to drop a comedy as soon as possible

Back in my day, you could buy a whole steem for just $3, and $3 was enough to get you a nice sandwich.

Back in my day, the fruit wasn't fitted with microchips.

Back in my day, we didn't eat pills for breakfast.

Back in my day, you could still be offensive if you were funny.

Back in my day, people only got offended by nearly everything.

Back in my day, we used to make babies the same way the animals do.

Back in my day, we didn't realise that the actual Bernie Sanders made a habit out of winding down on steemit.

Back in my day

Facebook meant the telephone book

i feel old

Back in the day, @idikuci was just a young warthog with a @steemnsfw alter ego.

Back in my day when my reputation was below 50 and people are willing to help my newbie journey by sending me SBD and Steem just for me not to give up but now the highest i do receive is 0.001 and they are from bot. lol

Back in my early day when cheetah always visit my post and I was happy with the thought that i have a whale friend who just set me in its auto-vote

Lol... Thats something we share in common lol

back in my day, steem price was down below 1$ once and i was a fool not to invest

off to make some real tea now

Back in the day when men were boys and the best opportunity to see your babe is only when you were sent to go and fetch water

Back in my day, there was only Tom Cruise's Ghost Protocol.

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