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So if you haven’t seen Avengers Infinity Wars yet, then you’re probably one of 7 people in the entire United States. But just in case:

Spoiler Alert


There be spoilers here.

And if you’re the rest of the planet, then you know that the ending to this movie is both sad, and frustrating. It’s painful, and yet satisfying.

First off, they DIDN’T do what they could have done, which is to stop well before Thanos even got all of the stones. So, for that, I’m thankful.

And they also made good on the promise that the comics (and seemingly the contract negotiations with the star actors to eventually leave the series) made… which is that they kill of some of the characters. They did that. They did it from the start of the film, with Thanos’ hand around Loki’s throat, they did it in the middle with Thanos throwing Gamora off the ledge in Vormir, and of course, they did it in the end when Thanos snapped his fingers and killed off half of the universe.

So in that they did good.

But do you even buy that shit? Do you, for one second believe that most, if not all of those characters are going to be brought back, with little more than a scar and an emotional complex?

I mean, I get it, you’re supposed to suspend your disbelief and accept the story that they tell you. And just like at the end of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, you must KNOW in your heart that Han is going to be rescued, but it’s devastating to see. And yet, I felt empty at the end of this one. It’s just the first half of the movie though. There is a second INFINITY WARS movie coming out next year. We know this.

So at the end of this one I felt nothing. I wasn’t weeping for my fallen heroes. I wasn’t worried about their fates. And I wasn’t disappointed that the directors were cowards. They weren’t, because they did the worst thing they can do to the fans. They killed off the heroes. But they did it in a world where we know they come back.

In the movie’s defense, I went back. I paid my money for a ticket, got a solid 4 beer buzz, and went back in to love this movie all over again. But the problem with viewing number two is that you KNOW what’s going to happen… and what happens is sad from start to finish. Some of the brief joys of the first viewing are the sprinkled in comic quips from the actors. Those are fun. But the second time around, you know what the jokes are (because there were so few to begin with, they’re easy to remember) and you know how they all die all the way through the movie.

I can’t wait for the final film to wrap it all up, and I truly love this series, but for now, I feel vacant and empty and hollow.

Can’t wait for ANTMAN AND THE WASP.

How did you feel? Am I crazy? Were you balling your eyes out and sad for a week? Tell me below!


A buddy of mine i was watching it with started weeping, lol. Happy people, crying for unreal characters, some of us have this shit going on in real life.

I completely agree! I was so worried that the movie was just going to stop at a midway point, but then when it ended with all of their deaths, I was even more empty. Not sad, but just empty.

I liked the movie a lot but I did find many different plotholes that still bother me likey dd doctor strange not just use the time stone and but Thanos back into the paralysis type state he was in? Also, we know that there is only one scenario which the win which I believe is the one that is going to happen with captain marvel and antman.

Captain Marvel is definitely going to be a factor, but HOW DO THEY WORK IT OUT?

Pissed off part: when iron Man, Spiderman and mantis almost removed Thor's gauntlet but they failed.
Funniest part: when Scarlett witch came to help at the end and the wakanda general asked "where the hell has she been".
Favorite part: "evacuate the city, engage all defences, get this man a shield."
I made a gif from that part.


Fucking Star Lord. They had him, and sad boy had to go and screw it up for everyone.

Yeah that part really pissed me off

Also, LOVE that GIF. Thanks!

The Reality and Time stone will probably play a major role at the end of all this. Im just pissed hawkeye i didnt show up!

I think you're probably right, but really you missed Hawkeye? Is it because you love the actor, or you really like that superhero? [no judgement] :)

I haven't watch infinity war yet but you're awesome 💖

Still i didnt saw this movie but after reading your post i think i want to see this movie aftet seeing i can comment on this exactly but you are describing the way is very inspiring and impressive so far i make my decission to watch it

Wonderful. I also have no disappointments as much as the film is concerned. The film was splendid. And I just fell in love with Marvel even more. Logically, the movie was fine. Emotionally, I was heartbroken. I never thought I would feel sadness with Spiderman's demise. Oh well. Motion pictures wrecking us once more.

By the way, I have a movie review of the film. It's just part 1, the other half is being written.

Ps. It is more like a summary and/or reaction.

Nice movie though i am not a fan of the way the movie ended.
The movie ended in an unexpected way.
I will always remain a fan of the avengers movie series

Yes, an empty feeling was also the one that I left the theater with. It wasn't sadness or indifference... it was something else. I think that the ending was a bold move, although throughtly calculated. They knew excatly how to end this movie, and why. Part 2 will blow the box office records once again.

Well I haven't

Haven't what?...?...!...?

Seen the movie yet

All beautiful and mesmerizing clicks, thank you so much for making my day with such beautiful clicks. a big thumbs up…

This comment makes no sense. It's almost like you not only DIDN'T see the movie, but also you DIDN'T read the post!?!?

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