AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - "One of the Most Heartbreaking Marvel Movie" [REACTION PART 1]

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I have just watched the movie Avengers: Infinity War last May 12, Saturday. And it was freeeeeeaaaaaaaking awesome. It was so near to perfection. It was so pleasant. Excellent. It should be noted that I have not read a single comic book about Marvel; but that does not stop me from being a Marvel fan. In the sense that I watched all the movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)- from Captain America's birth to Wakanda's debut in my imagination. I am a Marvel fan. Period.


Let us start with the pictures that circled the internet before the movie was released. They were freaking badass, right? Especially the one where almost all characters in the movie were making their I-am-ready-to-fight-avengers-style pose. Hahahhaha. Although there are people saying that Marvel copied the position and design of the poster from DRAGON BALL: Tournament of Power, which is kind of weird. They were really similiar. Are you familiar with animes? Nevertheless, the said picture was awesome and made the audience watch the film.

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Also, it bothered me why Hawkeye was not in any pictures released. That is because he really was not in the movie. Some say he retired or in a vacation (lol). I hope he is not dead. I hope to see him soon in the big screen. He is one of the coolest.

One more odd stuff was a picture in which Hulk was there. He was running in a place that looks like Wakanda. However, Hulk did not even appear in Wakanda hahahha. He was a total douchebag in the movie. He was not cooperating. He really was a douchebag and I hate him already. I'm just kidding. He is still the incredible hulk and everyone should love him.

Overall, the teaser pictures and the movie trailers were absolutely badass. I did not even wait any longer. I watched the show as soon as I could, as soon as health and work permitted. I could not wait for an eternity to pass and download the freaking movie on the internet. I need to watch the show, even if my girlfriend and friends were not around. On May 12, I did watch the movie.



At the start of the movie, I was trying to act cool and containing my excitement. However, I just could not. I was smiling from ear to ear. Who cares? The people around me were also shouting and grinning like stupid monkeys. We were all staring with excitement to the big screen. Slaves of motion pictures. Slaves of superheroes and other childhood stuff.

So I would be telling you all my plot summary of the movie, my reaction, my world. This is in order to fully understand the movie. Watchers, and non-watchers too, need to know what the movie is all about. It is about an antagonist, named Thanos. Yes. It is about an antagonist, which clearly made the whole movie different from the rest of the MCU films because the movie revolved around the antagonist. He was trying to collect the infinity stones. Infinity stones hold different abilities and power. Infinity stones existed before the universe was even formed. Infinity stones that Thanos need in order to accomplish his goal. What is his goal? It is to eradicate or to eliminate half of the population in the universe. Crazy, right? Why the eff is he going to do this? Accordingly, he wants to bring balance in the universe. Less people means more resources for the remaining. WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! So if you have no food resources available, you are going kill your constituents? Really? Why not produce more resources? Way to go, Thanos. Politicians should make this a lesson.

This speaks to us in a deeper level. This is what is happening in the world. We are all facing problems that need important and urgent solutions; however, we tend to use instant solutions. We are oblivious to the fact that a more senseful and more productive solution exists. Why the hell are you going to kill half the population? Why not just help in making our resources more abundant, right? With the war happening right now in the world due to poverty and resources depletion, we can all learn from the said movie, in one way or another.

Going back to the infinity stones, we have six infinity stones. Infinity stones that, according to Odin (King of Asgard), pre-existed the universe. These stones are some of the reasons the universe existed in the first place (based on my understanding, I am not sure though).


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  1. POWER STONE - This was encased in an orb. Power stone holds an unbelievable amount of power that the wielder can use. It comes in purple color and was last seen with the Nova Corps, the intergalactic police.
  2. SPACE STONE - Some called this the Tesseract but the space stone is actually encased or hidden inside the tesseract. This is like a teleportation device. It comes in color blue and was last seen in Asgard, Thor's place.
  3. REALITY STONE - This is also called the aether. Unlike the other stones, this is in red liquid form. This can warp reality and play with you as long as the wielder wants. This was last seen in the Collector's house. Thor and his friends acquired this infinity stone but they delivered it to the Collector because they can't hide this anymore in Asgard. Two infinity stones at the same place is not smart, right? Asgard already had the spaces stone, remember.
  4. SOUL STONE - This did not appear until Infinity War. Nobody, except Gamora, knows where it is. Gamora is Thanos' adopted daughter who does not agree with Thanos' stupid plan.
  5. TIME STONE - This comes in green color. This can play with time- rewind, fastforward, etc. This was last seen in Earth, Guarded by Dr. Strange. The stone is encased in the Eye of Agamotto, a single eye shaped necklace, which pretty looks like an Illuminati symbol (to be honest).
  6. MIND STONE - This is characterized by its psychic power and mind control potential. This comes in color yellow. This was with SHIELD in the beginning and Loki stole it. In the first Avengers movie, the mind stone was hidden in Loki's scepter. After Loki's defeat, the Avengers used this to create Vision. So it was last seen in Vision's forehead.


At the start of the movie, Thanos already had the power stone in his gauntlet. In short, Thanos already defeated the Nova Corps before the movie has even started. No budget, I guess.


This is when the movie "really" started. First shot shows the wrecked spaceship of Thor. One thing was sure, Asgard was down. Thor might have been evacuating the remaining Asgardians and the space stone. But Thanos was able to catch them. Heimdall was down. Thor was down. Thanos was walking with pride. Dead Asgardians' bodies were scattered everywhere. Ebony Maw, a member of the Black Order (Thanos' friends), was making a speech about Thanos' plan and that the invasion was Thanos' mercy- his freaking salvation.

Loki was freaking face to face with Thanos. Thanos was torturing Thor in the hopes that Loki will surrender the Space Stone. At first, Loki tried to plead his case. He even proudly introduced Hulk. Yes! Hulk! Hulk! Hulk! However, unfortunately, he was no match with Thanos. Thanos overpowered Hulk's incredible strength, which kind of took a toll on him because Hulk won't come out afterwards. It was Banner for the rest of the movie.

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With Hulk's defeat, Thanos tried to kill and/or torture Thor. That's when Loki surrendered the tesseract, which has the space stone.

Thanos, without further ado, ordered the Black Order to get the two infinity stones on Earth- the time stone in Dr. Strange's Eye of Agamotto and the mind stone in Vision's forehead. Black Order divided into two groups: Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian to the time stone and Proxima Midnight and Corvuz Glaive to the mind stone.

Moreover, Heimdall used the remaining power he had in him to teleport Hulk to Earth. Hulk was in charge of telling Dr. Strange that the Black Order and Thanos are coming. Thankfully, Heimdall teleported Hulk. He could have teleported Thor but that would just kill Hulk if ever he had remained in space. On the other hand, Thor would not and did not die in space. Maybe it has something to do with him being a God or something. When Thanos saw the Hulk being sent to Earth, he killed Heimdall.

Loki, wanting to kill Thanos, tried to trick the mighty Titan. He fakely swore his allegiance to Thanos and volunteered to be the Black Order's guide to Earth. When he was talking to Thanos and was near him, he tried to slit Thanos' throath. However, Thanos knew what was about to happen and he killed Loki (insert everyone's cries). HE KILLED LOKI! I hope this is just Loki's stupid tricks. Please. Please. But in the movie, Thanos killed Loki by choking him.

So Thanos now has two infinity stones. The power stone and the space stone.

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From Thanos' plan's point of view, the movie diverged into three sections: (a) Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian to the time stone,(b) Proxima Midnight and Corvuz Glaive to the mind stone, and (c) Thanos to the reality stone.


Another scene was shown in which the Guardians of the Galaxy saw Thor's ships busted. Debris from the ships and Asgardians' bodies were floating in space. Thor was also floating in space then he bumped into the Guardian's ship. He saw them as he opened his eyes and the Guardians helped him. This is when Thor narrated everything. Fun and senseless jealousy was felt by Peter Quill since everyone loves Thor. The movie depicted it as a child-like jealousy. Fun part was when Quill imitated Thor as he copied Thor's very deep voice. Thor explained that they need to go to Knowhere because Thanos was probably heading there. Power and space stones were already on Thanos' gauntlet. The time and mind stones were being hunted by the members of the Black Order. Everyone did not know the location of the soul stone. So for sure, Thanos was headed to Knowhere for the reality stone.


Thor wanted to avenge his people. He wanted to kill Thanos. However, he could only do that if he had his hammer back. So he made a plan in which he would go first to Nidavellir so his friend can make him another hammer. Rocket Raccoon and Groot went with Thor to Nidavellir. On the other hand, Gamora, Quill, Drax, and Mantis will go to Knowhere to face Thanos.

Thanos sure did go to Knowhere to get the reality stone, also called as the aether. The aether was last seen in the Collector's museum. When Quill's group arrived at Knowhere, everything was destroyed. Thanos was torturing the Collector. Afterwards, immediately, Gamora ran towards his stepfather. He tried to stab his father. Thanos caught it and crushed the "knife". But, Gamora did not surrender immediately. She used the remnants of the knife to stab his father in the throat. Thanos was stabbed in the throat. She was not contented and she stabbed his father on his sides using other hand and another weapon, a doubled-headed knife that Thanos himself gave to her. Thanos was stabbed. He was bleeding and disappointed. He died. He was dead.

Gamora cried so hard. It was so easy, right? Then everything changed. Everyone found out that everything was just a product of Thanos' manipulation using the reality stone. Yes, he already had the reality stone. The Guardians fought with Thanos but they were no match to him. Then Thanos hostaged Gamora.

In the end, Gamora wanted Quill to kill her. Why? This is because Gamora knew the location of the soul stone and she would rather die than tell her father the location. She was pleading for Quill to kill her. After much hesitations, Quill pulled the trigger. However, Thanos once again manipulated the gun and bubbles came out. He applauded Quill's courage. However, he won't let anyone kill Gamora unless she told him the location of the reality stonw. Then Thanos and Gamora vanished. The other Guardians left behind.

Three infinity stones were already in Thanos' gauntlet. From the looks of it, Thanos might win. Thanos might get the six infinity stones and might do the "snap", killing half the population.

But this post is getting very lengthy and steemians might get bored reading this. So allow me to make a second part of this reaction post. So far, from this point, Loki and Heimdall died. Power, space, and reality stones were already in Thanos' hands.

As a review, here is an illustration of the infinity stones and their whereabouts.

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End of Part 1


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