Eye of the G

in #comedy2 years ago

Ive been inspired to get my ass in shape this week! Tyger Tygers jam Willy the Wombat had me thinking, hes not so different than me in a way, so time to get tough and strut my wombat stuff!!!

Hope Im using eye of the tiger right, this is just a comedy song about me getting my ass in shape on some rocky shit so hopefully itll be ok !!


the Russians aren't going to know what hit them this time.

Even rocky better watch his ass!! haha

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I dont have the words to express how this makes me feel!!!! Ive watched it like 5 times now n Im still propa laughin!!! You the MAN!!!!!!!! ... the cut at the beginning before you look at the camera!! hahaha!!

The scenery there is propa beautiful too bruv!! Mother earth is alive!!!

Thanks Termite man!! Glad it made you feel how you felt !! Ive made so many people laugh now at this point, even if youtube copyright strike it the mission is complete!! haha I had bother with facebook muting it like party poopers but as long as you guys are out there laughing your ass off its worth while lol

Yeah it was such a good day up here that day, the summers coming!! I even saw a wee rabbit in my garden the other day! She is most certainly alive!!