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in comedy •  8 months ago

My Neighbors will set rat poison for the rats in their room and it will come and die in my room. Which kind life be diz na?

Babe: Baby I want to buy a new phone

Bobo: tell me about it

Babe: It is SAMSUNG A+' I hv been saving for it & my money isn't enough. I just want you to add little.

Bobo: ok how much is the 'SAMSUNG A+?

Babe: just 370,000

Bobo: how much have you saved ?

Babe: 1,500 Bobo: which type of thunder would you prefer ? Amadioha of Egypt or Oganigwe of Gabon? or Igbudu of iyawundeh? Choose one😂😂😂😂

I knw u are smiling now... Keep smiling coz its Gud for ur health.

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