Public Service Announcement: Conspiracy Theorist

in comedy •  7 months ago

The video that started it all...

In January, 2012, Kevin and I decided to make this short little video essentially for own amusement. Little did we know the impact it would ultimately have on our lives...

"Conspiracy theorists" (aka people who ask questions and challenge official narratives) are often demonized and vilified by the mainstream, so we decided to make a parody video using the same propaganda techniques the government has been utilizing for decades. Upon completion of the final edit, and recognizing that the "truth" movement was in serious need of a sense of humor, we thought, "hey that was fun, maybe we should try our hand at more of these." And thus, JoyCamp was born.

Over the next several weeks and months I will be uploading our ENTIRE library (100+ videos and counting including our BANNED award show videos AND previously unreleased content) here to Dtube / Steemit in order to preserve them and hopefully give them new life.

Take a load off, unwind, relax, enjoy and welcome to the world of JoyCamp...

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I gotta check out joycamp for more humor like this. I'm still laughing. Did he have a globe in his pocket? That maniacal look. This is great!



Another great post!

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You guys are great!